Commuters are in an uproar after this state declares war on American oil companies

When it comes to America’s energy potential, the sky’s the limit.

The only thing holding America back from being energy independent is the radical Left’s crusade against American oil.

So commuters are in an uproar after this state declared war on American oil companies.

Energy Independence ought to be the United States’ top policy initiative

With energy prices through the roof, now more than ever is the time to invest in American energy.

Unfortunately, this is the last thing Democrats want to do right now.

Instead, Democrats across America are declaring war on American energy and are desperately trying to destroy anyone who stands in their way.

Oil and gas companies are a popular target for the left, but the state of California just took this to a whole new level.

At a legislative session this past Monday, which is part of a special session designed to tackle issues involving oil and gas production, California Democrats revealed their new dim-witted proposal to punish oil companies.

Gavin Newsom and his allies unveiled a new plan which would punish oil companies for making too much money, however, much of the details were left out.

At the session, Governor Gavin Newsom claimed “We’re burning up. We’re choking up. We’re heating up because of these folks,” when referring to the oil industry and its supposed impact on the environment. “And people are barely able to pay their bills because of these folks.”

However, not everyone is thrilled about this radical proposal.

Kevin Slagle, who is a spokesperson for the Western States Petroleum Association slammed Governor Newsom’s claims, stating “Whatever Gov. Newsom wants to call it, this is a tax and it’s going to have the same impact that all taxes do on consumers, and that is to raises costs, not bring them down.”

Slagle went on to say, “We think the Governor should be honest about what this is and let the legislators vote on a tax and sell it to the California public as a tax and see how people feel about it.”

Slagle is entirely right on this one.

Energy prices are expensive in California because of the crippling taxes that the Democrats who run the state have levied on commuters and drivers.

Punishing oil companies will only increase the price of gas and oil, which is the last thing Californians need right now.

This move by California Democrats is nothing more than an attack on drivers’ pocketbooks.

Instead of attacking oil companies, lawmakers ought to pursue a plan to make California and the rest of the nation energy independent.

Not only would this make America much safer, but it would go a long way to reduce energy costs for all Americans.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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