Citizens are taking desperate measures in Gavin Newsom’s old city

In the wake of his inauguration, California Governor Gavin Newsom has been bragging about how “free” California is.

But not everyone is singing his praises and with good reason.

And citizens are taking desperate measures in Gavin Newsom’s old city.

Gavin Newsom’s legacy of mismanagement is leading to unfortunate and desperate measures in his old city

Crime and homelessness are running rampant in major cities along the west coast, and the problem is especially pronounced in San Francisco.

It’s gotten so bad that it can no longer be swept under the rug.

In a video that has gone viral, an art gallery owner can be seen spraying water from a hose onto a homeless woman who was camped out in front of his building.

Edson Garcia is part owner of a nearby cafe and captured the incident on his cell phone, disapproving of the action.

“It was cold and raining. She was screaming saying ‘ok I’ll move I’ll move!’”

He said, “I turned to the side and saw the guy pouring water on the lady. It was cold and raining. She was screaming saying ‘ok I’ll move I’ll move!’ It’s not fair to see people doing stuff like that.”

Tragic, for sure, but Garcia admits there is more to the story.

He says that he has seen the woman in the neighborhood before and had asked her previously not to block the doorway to his cafe, but he never found the woman to exhibit bad behavior.

Collier Gwin is the owner of the building and when interviewed by local TV station ABC 7 he added more background information to what became a viral video.

According to Gwin, multiple attempts to help the woman were unsuccessful and calls to the police were of no help and spraying her down really was a last resort.

Gwin said, “I totally understand what an awful thing that is to do, but I also understand what an awful thing it is to leave her on the streets. We called the police. There must be at least 25 calls to police. It’s two days in a homeless shelter, it’s two days in jail, and then they drop them right back on the street. This woman is a very, very sad situation. She’s very psychotic.”

Gavin Newsom talks a good game about freedom in California but his legacy of skyrocketing homelessness while he was Mayor of San Francisco can’t be denied, nor can the ongoing problem of homeless encampments springing up in large cities all across the once Golden State.

No good options

This tragic incident just proves that people are fed up and are willing to take action where local and state authorities are leaving them with few good options.

Newsom has been rumored to harbor presidential ambitions but has denied that he wants to run in 2024.

If he changes his mind, the homeless crisis in California will be front and center in any future campaign.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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