Burn Back Better: the government/street crime infrastructure axis caught on video

Democrats love them some good grifts.

And their criminal pals are happy to help out bilking taxpayers.

Because Biden’s “Burn Back Better” government/street crime infrastructure axis just got caught on video.

Much of America’s infrastructure is in a state of disrepair and decay and the new stuff is getting destroyed as soon as it gets open.

It’s all about rewarding political cronies

New video of the newly-opened 6th street viaduct in Los Angeles shows hoodlums destroying the costly new project.

This is an outrage, especially considering the punishing amount of taxes average people are forced to pay every year for pothole-filled roads and crumbling rusting bridges that take years, and decades to replace.

Citizens are usually pretty happy when they finally do see a long-delayed infrastructure project finished.

It will at least mean an end to the infuriating routine of being stuck in traffic between the detours and lane closures all while being forced to watch 99% of workers on the massive road crews leaning on shovels and shooting the shit while they sit in traffic.

Or so they think.

Usually the supposed traffic alleviating project never ends up reducing traffic.

The reason why building and repairing infrastructure in America takes so long

The sad truth is that this sad state is not due to politicians forgetting about it, in fact just about every single politician who has run for public office in recent times has pledged to build and fix infrastructure.

And President Biden and his Transportation Secretary have spent much of their time in office mumbling about “Build Back Better” and “racist roadways” and all the infrastructure jobs they would create if only taxpayers would fork over more of their dollars.

The truth is that it stems from government waste and inefficiency. Go figure.

For many projects, especially in blue states, project labor agreements are written into the contract meaning that public works are reserved for union-only contractors.

This means that taxpayers never get the best deal for these projects, but rather they are paying off the allies of Democrat politicians to do a long, costly, and often half-assed job for double the price.

Of course, that’s exactly what Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” infrastructure boondoggle was all about too.

The city of Los Angeles does not deserve new infrastructure projects

When it comes to municipal mismanagement and corruption, there is no better case study than the city of Los Angeles, California.

Just look at the 6th street viaduct project for example, which is the largest bridge project in the history of the city.

This project took a whopping 19 years to complete and cost taxpayers almost $600 million, which is not just expensive but also 5 times longer than it should take to finish a bridge of that size.

This project was part of a Project Labor Agreement, which explains the exorbitant cost and delays.

Fortunately for Los Angeles drivers, this project was just finished about a week ago, but it is already being ruined.

Almost immediately, street urchins amassed on the bridge and began doing donuts and climbing all over the bridge in what was called a street takeover.

Just this past weekend, a three-car pile up occurred as a direct result of this street takeover.

These street takeovers have become a part of everyday life in Los Angeles in which random people from all over assemble at a specific block to cause mayhem and party.

Not only is the street shut down to drivers, but more often than not the intersection sees a massive uptick in crime.

Until police have the resources to hunt down these hoodrats who are causing mayhem at taxpayer expense, then Los Angeles should not be given a dime of federal money for new infrastructure.

After all, if they are not willing to preserve these ridiculously expensive projects, then they should not have them in the first place.

Of course it’s not just the street takeovers but vandalism too CBS Los Angeles reported.

But as the CBS Los Angeles report let slip, there’s an underlying grift as to why LA politicians really don’t care about the vandalism and damage.

Los Angeles’s Office of Community Beautification says it is doing daily cleanups on the bridges deck, ramps and arches erasing the graffiti.

All those shovel-leaning political cronies now need something else to do after all.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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