Authoritarian policies now have one city’s economy on the brink of disaster

The Democrats in power are blowing it.

No amount of media propaganda can cover up their mismanagement.

And authoritarian policies now have one city’s economy on the brink of disaster.

Joe Biden’s economy has crippled many Americans across the country.

But it’s not all Biden’s fault – his party comrades around the country didn’t help anything by ruining their local economies.

New York City is a prime example.

Burdensome COVID policies have contributed to a serious unemployment problem in the city.

Bloomberg News reports that “[a]t 7.6%, the city’s unemployment was among the worst of major cities. It also lags behind neighboring Northern New Jersey and Long Island. The jobless rate jumps to 11.1%, not seasonally adjusted, in the Bronx, the highest of New York’s five boroughs, and even higher for Black New Yorkers, who were disproportionately impacted by job losses during the pandemic.”

One of the major contributing factors was lockdowns forced people to work from home, and now they’re not going back.

That has led to many vacant office buildings, which has killed much of the service economy surrounding those buildings.

Keeping businesses locked down for so long has created a serious domino effect.

Also, many work-from-home employees have decided to leave the high cost of living in New York for greener pastures in red states.

New York, Illinois, and California all lost tons of residents to Republican-led states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

Bloomberg added that “[s]urrounding businesses, especially in the service, hospitality and entertainment industry, have been slow to recover from the worst of Covid. The tourism industry, which accounts for 7% of private-sector employment, hasn’t lured back the international travelers. The result is that some jobs don’t appear to be returning just yet. For some, it’s prompting a rethinking of how to breathe new life into the city’s economy.”

Bill de Blasio effectively killed New York City theater, and newly inaugurated Mayor Eric Adams has not brought it back.

The hysterical COVID regime policies have consequences.

There’s also the growing issue of rampant crime.

Many local pharmacies have been forced to close down thanks to constant shoplifting.

Businesses are completely demoralized because they’re afraid of their security guards being sued or demonized by progressive activists in the media.

So stores simply let crime happen.

The problem has gotten so bad, thieves brazenly walk out with bagfuls of goods.

Leftists are often insulated from the ramifications of their own ideology, but not anymore.

The 1970s are back, and Democrats didn’t learn their lesson the first time.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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