Another police officer is dead in this dangerous city after his killer was given a lenient sentence

Ever since the riots of 2020, violent criminals feel emboldened to do whatever they feel like. 

Even if that means disobeying law enforcement, or even worse killing them.  

But as a result of Democrats’ pro-crime policies, yet another police officer was shot and killed in this dangerous city after his shooter was given a lenient sentence by a judge. 

Of all of the issues plaguing America, crime is one of the most visible and painful problems this nation faces. 

For many Americans, going on a walk in a local park, going to the local drug store, or even driving to work is now a military mission. 

That is because violent crime has exploded throughout the country, and there is no end in sight. 

In fact, crime rates are going up by the day and most cities are not doing anything serious to stop this surge. 

This crime surge is a direct result of years of harmful rhetoric and pro-crime policies from Democrat politicians. 

Just about anytime a career criminal is gunned down by police, Democrats have their stormtroopers (“street activists”) go into full riot mode. 

Who can ever forget the riots of 2020 when leftists burned down nearly every city in America while chanting repulsive slogans such as “pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon” or “all cops are bastards”?

Unfortunately, these calls for violence have succeeded and there has rarely ever been a more dangerous time to be a police officer than now. 

To make matters worse, following these riots a couple of years ago, many Democrat-controlled city governments took it upon themselves to change their respective criminal justice systems to favor a soft-on-crime stance. 

Baltimore, Maryland was one of those cities, and a prime example of the damage that these “reforms” are doing was seen just recently when a police officer was gunned down. 

Officer Glenn Hilliard, a veteran of the Baltimore police force, was gunned down by a career criminal after a foot chase. 

Prior to this shooting, the criminal in question was given a lenient sentence by a local judge for a slew of crimes including armed robbery, for which he served no jail time.

If this thug had been in jail, where he belonged, then this tragic death would have never happened. 

Officer Hilliard left behind a wife and three children who will never be able to see their father again because some leftist judge thought woke pro-crime policies amounted to “true justice.” 

The judge who is responsible for the release of this criminal should be impeached immediately. 

The moral of this story is, Democrats’ pro-crime policies are not woke, they are dangerous.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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