Another felon out on bail wreaks havoc in this far-Left city

Following the devastating riots of 2020, the radical Left did everything in their power to make America as dangerous and crime ridden as possible. 

Their pro-crime policies have managed to do just that. 

For proof just look at this felon who was out on bail and just wreaked havoc on this far-Left city. 

One of the first things that many cities did in 2020 following the death of notorious criminal George Floyd was to completely upend their criminal justice systems to favor crime and criminals. 

In many major cities, criminals are being released on little to no bail after committing a slew of violent felonies. 

Unsurprisingly, this pro-crime stance has had a devastating effect on these communities.  

Criminals, especially violent felons, almost always return to a life of crime after being apprehended, and the cost of the damage these violent thugs have done to their communities is unmeasurable. 

A prime example of this trend towards supporting crime and criminals can be seen in the crime-infested city of San Francisco, California. 

Of all of the cities that have seen a rise in crime, San Francisco’s has been among the most visible and severe. 

And that is saying something since crime was already horrible in San Francisco prior to 2020. 

One of the most damaging policies passed by the Communists who run San Francisco was an order making shoplifting essentially decriminalized. 

As a result, shoplifting has gone through the roof in the city by the bay. 

Just about every single day videos are posted on social media of thugs dumping goods into duffle bags at stores such as CVS and Walgreens and walking out without facing even an ounce of resistance. 

But just recently, one of these brazen robberies took a turn for the worst. 

At a Walgreens location in downtown San Francisco, a man by the name of Carlos Sanders was in the middle of a brazen robbery, when a security guard attempted to intervene. 

That is when Sanders pulled out a knife and stabbed the security guard.  Fortunately he did not kill the security guard, and Sanders was quickly arrested a couple of blocks down the street. 

Unsurprisingly, Sanders was out on bail for a slew of violent crimes.  Even more concerning, Sanders has committed crimes at this Walgreens location in the past. 

Brazen acts of violence like this prove just how depraved and lawless cities such as San Francisco have become. 

Over the last couple of years, Walgreens has shut down a slew of stores across the Bay Area, four times the amount as any other city.

If these rampages are allowed to keep happening then other companies will begin to follow suit and then San Francisco will become a hollowed out ghost town. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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