All hell has broken loose thanks to the failure of leftist leaders in this once iconic American city

You know things are bad when a 911 dispatcher is completely done with how things are going down in his city.

It’s obvious, the fallout of “woke” policies are hurting everyone – including the people they’re supposed to help.

And now one leftist Mayor is getting called out for creating an absolute nightmare for citizens and first responders.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s disastrous policies are pushing city employees past their breaking point.

Now a dispatcher, no doubt putting his job on the line, went on Fox & Friends to complain about the “massive” amount of crimes happening in the city at “all hours of the day.”

The crime wave comes as the department is understaffed due to onerous COVID-19 vaccine mandates and a leftist fascination with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“What’s horrible is the lack of leadership and the failure of leadership throughout this entire city of Chicago—and it’s ridiculous because it does not have to be this way,” dispatcher Keith Thornton told Fox News.

He added that first responders are being “micromanaged” by the Mayor, “The blood, in my opinion, is on her hands.”

Thornton, who is black himself, says, “This is not a black problem, a white problem, a Democratic problem, a Republican problem, a Latino problem, this is an all-hands-on-deck problem and everyone within Chicago should be fueled up – and that’s why I’m taking a stand.”

Violence is leaving its mark in every part of the Windy City.

More than 1,000 people took part in a “silent” protest recently to draw attention to a crime surge in Chicago’s Chinatown.

Some businesses shut down in solidarity with the protestors who were marching to honor Woon Sing Tse.

“We cannot see more tragedies like that we saw on a 71-year-old grandfather,” Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, told ABC 7.

Tse was walking to buy a newspaper during the noon hour when a young man pulled up in a vehicle, got out, and fired 22 shots into the elderly man.

Violent crime is up by 55% in Chicago’s Chinatown, which mirrors the overall crime spike across the city which was reported to be 56% in the fall.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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