All hell breaks loose after these criminals opened fire on the wrong people in this dangerous city

Crime is surging throughout the country, and without a doubt, the west coast has been hit hard.

These far-left states and cities on the west coast have done everything in their power to take power away from law enforcement and give it back to criminals ever since the riots of 2020.

But these criminals got the surprise of a lifetime when they opened fire on the last people they ever wanted to get into a gunfight with.

Of all of the cities in the nation that have seen a massive spike in crime, Portland, Oregon is among the worst.

For years now, Portland has done everything in its power to make life easy for violent criminals.

Whether it is defunding the police, overhauling the criminal justice system to make it easier than ever to get back on the street, or giving homeless people benefits beyond their wildest imaginations, Portland is doing everything it can to encourage violent crime.

Thanks to these backward policies, it is not safe to go outside in Portland, Oregon, even in broad daylight.

At best you should expect to be overcome with the stench of marijuana and urine while one of the thousands of bums in Portland beg you for money.

Although the Portland police department has been effectively defanged by the communists running their city, fortunately, the feds are helping to put a stop to some of the hardened criminals at bay.

This was no more evident than the other day when a group of thugs wanted for robbery were caught red-handed by United States Marshals.

But these criminals were clearly not very bright, because they began opening fire on these federal agents.

Not a smart idea.

These United States Marshals know their way around a handgun, and as a result, three of the criminals were shot, but not killed.

Fortunately, nobody on the law enforcement side was injured whatsoever.

Although this bunch of thugs turned out to be bad shots, the next group of them might be a little more accurate.

That is why Portland needs to get a handle on this crime before anybody – especially a law enforcement officer – gets hurt or dies.

But don’t hold your breath, because it does not seem like the Portland City Council is going to do anything meaningful about stopping violent crime anytime soon.

Let’s pray that no cops die as a result of Portland’s pro-crime policies, but unfortunately, it seems like that may be inevitable at this point.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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