A young woman was slaughtered by a drug addict in this notorious hotbed of crime

The sad truth is that most of America’s major cities are not safe.

And nobody is exempt. If anything, young women and old people are target demographics for hardened criminals.

However, things were taken to a completely new level when a young woman in this notorious crime hub was shot down by a career criminal.

Of all of the cities out there, Portland, Oregon is run by some of the craziest lefties known to man.

Every single aspect of city management has now become a social justice project to these freaks, and as a direct result, Portland is decaying.

At one time, Portland was a beautiful northwestern town that boomed as a result of the lumber trade.

Now Portland is a hotbed for far-left extremism, drug abuse, violent crime, and crime overall.

And you better believe that Portland was first in line to completely overhaul its criminal justice system during the riots of 2020.

In many cases, criminals can be let out of jail after paying no bail, or practically no bail. This means that criminals have absolutely nothing to fear when they terrorize their communities.

To make matters worse, Oregon has effectively decriminalized every drug under the sun, making the already terrible drug problem in the state even worse.

These problems reared their ugly head again just the other day when a young woman was shot dead by a crazed drug addict.

After smoking some meth with his friends, one of the participants lost his mind and let the drugs take control.

As a result, he pistol-whipped and then shot and killed 22-year-old Gabrielle Lynn Dozhier in her apartment building.

This death should have never happened, and it goes without saying that Dozhier’s family is devastated.

Deaths like these highlight the danger of allowing widespread drug use, especially when that drug is a hardcore and very intense drug like meth.

Even the most intelligent, well-put-together person can be completely corrupted by meth use.

This tragedy undoubtedly falls on the shoulders of the legislators who have allowed crime and drug use to proliferate on the streets of Oregon freely.

Anybody who ignorantly claims that drug abuse is a victimless crime should tell that to the family of this slain young woman.

However, it seems unlikely that Oregon will reverse its treacherous course anytime soon unless voters demand it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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