A stunning sex scandal reared its ugly head once again as former Democrat Congresswoman’s legal problems mount

The truth about radical leftists’ depravity eventually comes to light.

After it does, it can keep coming back like the canker sores that often go hand in hand with it. 

And one sex scandal keeps rearing its ugly head as a former Democrat Congresswoman’s legal problems mount.

She once was a CA congresswoman going places – but now she’s a deadbeat

Katie Hill was a rising star for Democrats when she was voted into office as a California Congresswoman.

But her star faded quickly once allegations surfaced that she was also carrying on an affair with a subordinate in addition to other, stranger, sexual arrangements.

Now, she’s just a deadbeat.

The disgraced former Congresswoman has filed for bankruptcy after lawsuits against publications and journalists for publishing nude photographs of her while she was in office proved unsuccessful.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the ex-Congresswoman sued the conservative website RedState, the British tabloid the Daily Mail, and journalists Jennifer Van Laar and Joe Messina after they published pictures of her brushing another woman’s hair while naked and holding a bong.

Hill hopes that in filing for bankruptcy she could avoid paying the attorney’s fees to the defendants in the lawsuit, which a judge dismissed in 2021.

Hill’s attorney Carrie Goldberg claims that Hill had no choice but to file for bankruptcy, saying, “It’s a broken system where a plaintiff’s sensible use of our legal system to adjudicate fundamental breaches to their sexual privacy results in such financially punishing consequences for daring to file a legal case that bankruptcy is the last resort.”

Hill tweeted, “Victims of cyber exploitation are being let down by our legal system, and I have gotten an unfortunately personal look at the damage that can do. I incurred substantial financial loss to fight this case because I believe it was my responsibility to do so to try to protect future victims of cyber exploitation.”

But of course not everyone is buying her victim act.

Krista Lee Baughman represents the journalists that Hill sued, and she criticized the former congresswoman for attempting to “evade responsibility for her errors.”

Baughman said, “The bankruptcy process was not meant to enable privileged politicians with the means to earn revenue to evade the natural consequences of their intentional acts. We have questions about this filing, and we will be pursuing them in court.”

After stories surfaced about a sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer and an allegation of another affair with a subordinate, Hill admitted to inappropriate behavior.

But she maintains that she did not have an affair with a congressional staffer, which would be a violation of House rules.

Hill resigned in 2019.

Republicans regained her seat in a special election, and then she filed her revenge porn lawsuit in 2020.

Hill owes $273,000 in attorney’s fees to the journalists and the parent companies that own the Daily Mail and RedState.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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