A shocking new report just proved Democrat politicians are ruining the country

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping to new lows.

And his Party is not faring much better nationwide.

Now a shocking new report proves that Democrat politicians are ruining the country.

The Democrats are moving to the fringe Left, and Americans are rejecting it.

People are fleeing blue states in droves as Governors and local politicians push for harsher COVID restrictions on top of the higher taxes and burdensome regulations.

And the numbers should be jarring for Democrats.

Over 600,000 people fled California and New York alone, and another 114,000 left Illinois.

All of those states are ranked near the bottom in the Cato Institute’s Freedom Index, particularly California and New York, which ranked 48th and 50th respectively.

It’s no surprise that the big winners are red states with lower taxes and a lower cost of living.

The exodus from Blue States is so bad, moving companies are charging as much as quadruple the rate for moves leaving California than going into the state.

For example, renting a moving truck going from Dallas to Los Angeles costs roughly $835, but renting the same truck going in the opposite direction costs an eye-popping $3,629.

People cannot get out of California fast enough.

The draconian COVID lockdowns made it much easier for residents on the fence to get out of Dodge and find greener pastures in states like Texas and Florida.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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