A George Soros footman is getting a taste of Democrats’ Trump treatment

Violent crime has increased markedly all across the country over the past two years.

One major culprit has been the installation of radical District Attorneys in blue cities and states, with the help of millions of dollars of left-wing money.

And now, this George Soros footman is getting a taste of Democrats’ Trump treatment.

Pennsylvania Republicans are getting serious about giving a Soros-backed radical District Attorney the boot.

Far-Left Larry Krasner has been derelict in his duty.

So much so that over the summer Republicans called for his impeachment.

Republican state Rep. Josh Kail of Beaver County sponsored that proposal amid spiking homicide rates, saying during a floor debate, “The bottom line is this, all the laws in the world don’t mean a thing if we don’t have District Attorneys that are willing to enforce them.”

Later, a committee tried to subpoena documents from Krasner’s office but it was stonewalled.

This led to the Pennsylvania House voting to hold Krasner in contempt by an overwhelmingly bipartisan majority of 162-38.

Pennsylvania Republicans vote to impeach Soros-backed District Attorney

Now, the legislative body has finally had enough and has announced articles of impeachment against the wayward District Attorney.

According to PhillyVoice.com, “Pennsylvania House Republicans announced articles of impeachment against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Wednesday, decrying his ‘progressive criminal justice philosophy that prioritizes criminals over victims,’ which has led to increased homicide and carjackings in the city, they say. The Republicans assembled at the press conference this morning painted a picture of a crime-ridden city where citizens live in ‘fear of even going to Wawa.’ They linked climbing crime stats to Krasner’s leadership, citing recent findings from a select committee investigation. ‘These are the consequences of District Attorney Larry Krasner’s failure in office,’ Rep. Martina White, the primary sponsor of the articles of impeachment, said in the conference. ‘No public official is above the law.’”

The question that was raised by reporters was whether Krasner’s alleged inaction met the standard for impeachment, since the House Republicans had leveled no accusations of criminal behavior.

Republicans say that “misbehavior in office” offered sufficient standing.

The next step is for the House to hold a vote to advance the impeachment to the Republican-controlled PA Senate.

Krasner was recently ordered by a judge to personally write letters of apology to a victim’s family.

U.S. District Judge Mitchell Goldberg said Krasner had failed to conduct a careful review of the case of a man, Robert Wharton, who killed a East Mount Airy couple inside their home in 1984, then shut off the heat and left their infant daughter inside to die.

Krasner asked Goldberg to vacate the death penalty and order Wharton to serve a life sentence instead, but Goldberg said the review by prosecutors was “patently deficient” for failing to mention that Wharton had previously been convicted of violently trying to escape from a City Hall courtroom.

Even The Philadelphia Inquirer, in an editorial, says, “Krasner’s weaknesses are more glaring in a Philadelphia where murders are at a record and violent crime is a top concern for residents. Despite his assertions, the city is experiencing a crisis of lawlessness, crime, and violence.”

Krasner’s fate will likely ultimately depend on the political make-up of the Keystone State and the political will of the legislature after the elections on November 8.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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