This radical leftist city has identified who is causing the massive spike in crime and it shouldn’t surprise anyone

Ever since radical leftists and social justice warriors incited riots in most of our nation’s cities, crime has unsurprisingly gone through the roof.

That’s because the Left stomped their feet and demanded that our criminal justice system be entirely overhauled in favor of dangerous criminals.

Now this radical leftist city has identified who is causing the massive spike in crime and it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Perhaps the most damaging public policy move that resulted from the riots of 2020 was the entire overhaul of bail policy in America.

In many major cities, criminals no longer have to pay substantial bail for most crimes and in some cases they can get out of jail after just paying 10% of their bail if it is a more serious crime.

Not only is this change incredibly stupid, but it is also incredibly dangerous.

Across the nation, there are countless examples of criminals circulating through the criminal justice system.

Often, a criminal will go back to committing the crimes the second they are released.

Well, this is exactly what has been happening in this major left-wing city.

Just recently, a study was conducted in Seattle Washington (the unofficial capital of the unhinged left) to determine exactly who is committing all of the crimes as of late.

The findings shocked the Seattle municipal government to its core, however for those with an ounce of common sense they are not shocking at all.

According to the report, a particular group of 118 offenders committed a total of 2,400 offenses.

This, of course, shook Seattle officials to the core because it proved that their crime policies, and demented worldview, are fundamentally flawed.

In response, Seattle city attorney Ann Davison is setting up a program to help these career criminals who are “desperately in need.”

What these criminals need is a lengthy jail sentence to keep them off of the streets again.

It does not take a genius to figure that one out.

This sort of toothless and gutless stance on crime from weak people running Seattle and many other cities across the nation is leading to the disintegration of society as we know it.

If America ever hopes to get on crime then we have to be willing to put career criminals where they belong: jail.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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