This Governor has become so power-hungry that even his own radical Legislature is tired of him

Ever since the COVID pandemic started nearly two years ago, radical politicians have used the pandemic to give themselves insane emergency powers.

Two years later, Governors and elected officials continue to flex their political muscles with powers they should have never had in the first place.

But even legislators in this deep blue state have had enough with their power-hungry Governor.

The state of Washington has become one of the deepest blue states in the nation.

The Tacoma/Seattle metro area is widely regarded as ground zero for most radical leftist causes and riots.

Look no further than the infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ for short) in downtown Seattle that formed during the race riots of 2020.

Washington State is also home to some of the most sweeping and radical COVID restrictions in the nation.

Despite this, Washington is seeing a steady uptick in cases and Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, is desperately clinging onto his sweeping emergency powers.

But not everyone in Washington is willing to acquiesce to Inslee’s demands and decrees.

The Washington State legislature is pursuing a bill that would stand up directly to Governor Inslee and provide some much needed oversight.

The bill is House Bill 1722, and as of now it has bipartisan support.

The bill would basically hand over emergency powers over to the legislature rather than allowing the Governor to do whatever he wants.

According to House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, “This has been and is an emergency. But also there needs to be oversight of these emergency powers, I have a feeling that the theme of this session is seeking balance.”

Although it is unclear if this bill has any prayer of passing, it is refreshing to see elected officials standing up against over powerful Governors, even in dark blue states like Washington.

But one thing is clear, if these blue state Governors and elected officials keep controlling their states like the petty tyrants they are, then they may not be blue for too long.

Just look at Virginia who just voted in conservative Glenn Youngkin into the Governor’s mansion in the first statewide GOP sweep in the state in over a decade.

New Jersey also came very close to flipping “red.”

The point is, this November will be the ultimate test for these tyrants across our land.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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