This blue state’s reckless policy is killing more children by the day

It seems like every day more and more states are adopting a “legalize everything” policy when it comes to drugs.

Unsurprisingly, this has caused deadly and highly addictive drugs to proliferate the streets of our nation.

But one especially dangerous drug is killing children in this blue state and lawmakers are somehow dumbfounded as to how this could have happened.

Of all of the drugs out there, fentanyl is by far the deadliest and most addictive.

This pain killer has gained a bad reputation because ever since it gained popularity several years ago, thousands of people have died from overdosing on it.

And make no mistake, it does not take much to overdose on this drug.

In fact, just the amount of a pen tip can kill you.

You would think that a drug this deadly would cause states across the nation to take immediate action, but in many states, the opposite is true.

One such state is the leftist mecca of Oregon.

This once mostly rural state has transformed into a radical leftist hellhole that seems to be the first at legalizing everything under the sun.

It started with marijuana, which has done little to improve the state’s economy as promised but has since morphed into something more sinister after voters passed a measure to decriminalize practically every drug under the sun in 2020.

Proponents of this claim it helps prevent “racism” however, in reality, what this measure does is cause deadly drugs like fentanyl to run through their streets like water with little fear of legal recourse.

But it is not just low-income areas and homeless encampments where these drugs are being used and sold.

These drugs are everywhere at this point, including schools.

This shocking proliferation of fentanyl was revealed when two Portland, Oregon area teenagers died of fentanyl overdoses within 24 hours of each other.

Now lawmakers in the region are scratching their heads as to what could have possibly led to dangerous drugs like fentanyl landing in the possession of these teens.

It does take a genius to figure that one out.

These pro-hard drug decriminalization laws are quite literally killing the children of our nation, and leftists are cheering this on in the name of social justice.

These tragic deaths need to serve as a powerful example of why hard drugs need to be removed from our streets, not decriminalized.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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