This blue state is ruining everything – including the best food item known to man

Every time government gets involved with just about anything it usually ruins everything it touches.

Whether it is high taxes or regulations, the government just gets in the way . . . the free market functions best when left untouched.

But this blue state is coming after one sacred food item that is bound to make life miserable for its residents.

One thing most people can agree on is that bacon is perhaps the best food item man ever created.

Whether it is the sound of crackling bacon in the morning, or the taste of salty crispy bacon before a hard day’s work or even just the sound of the word bacon . . . everyone loves bacon.

Everyone that is, except the legislators in Sacramento who are hell-bent on destroying their state.

In their latest comically insane bill, the California legislature voted to pass a bill that requires pork farmers to drastically improve the living conditions of their pigs.

Of course, this will not be cheap . . .

And who will ultimately pay for these pigs to live a life of luxury?

You guessed it, consumers.

Independent consumer groups are already claiming that bacon and pork prices will go through the roof in California, and across the nation for that matter, due to this flat out un-American bill.

Just when you thought California could not make life any worse for its residents.

Between the mudslides, droughts, record snowfall, forest fires, record crime rates, burdensome taxes, and overbearing government regulations you would hope that the state would allow their residents to enjoy something as simple as fresh pork and bacon.

No wonder people are leaving the state in droves.

For the first time in the state’s history, California is set to lose a House seat.

If they keep this crap up, they will likely keep losing them until there is real change in Sacramento.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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