This blue state is needlessly dragging out COVID misery and residents are beginning to flee

It has been nearly two years since the pandemic started and despite rhetoric about “15 days to stop the spread,” many unbearable COVID regulations remain in place.

But of course some states are more reluctant to give away their emergency powers than others.

And one blue state is needlessly dragging out COVID misery and residents are beginning to flee.

As the Omicron variant – or whatever next month’s new variant may be – spreads, some states are going back to their old onerous COVID restrictions.

But some states are clamping down harder than ever before, and for proof, look no further than California.

Of course it’s California . . . this radical leftist “paradise” has made a mockery of itself for having the strictest COVID restrictions including strict crowd control (unless you are burning your city down in a “mostful peaceful protest”) and shuttering businesses.

These restrictions over the last couple of years have caused many small businesses to go under, not to mention mass unemployment and nationwide supply chain shortages.

But the Golden State is not done yet.

Just recently, California’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board announced extending emergency COVID regulations into 2022 and that it would erase current distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

What this means is that regardless of whether you got what was touted as a safe and effective vaccine, you are treated the same in terms of exposure procedures.

Not only does this ignore science but it makes the lives of millions of Californians more difficult.

It also seems to indicate that regulators in California are now vaccine skeptics in what could be considered the biggest flip-flop of the year!

More likely, these regulators are just desperate to expand their power for another year.

At this point if you are a Californian, the prospect of leaving has rarely been more appealing.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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