This alleged New York City stickup gang just got blindsided

After years of pro-crime policies being passed by the Left in many cities and states, crime is raging out of control.

Criminals simply no longer have to worry about facing any of the consequences of their actions.

But this alleged New York City stickup gang just got blindsided.

New York City is a hotbed for crime and Democrats are entirely to blame

Nearly every single city and community in America has been plagued by out-of-control crime in recent years.

Pro-crime policies such as cashless bail, and defunding the police are almost entirely to blame for this spike in crime.

New York City is one of many cities that passed these sort of policies during the race riots of 2020, and the result have been devastating.

Mobs and gangs of criminals have taken over the streets of New York, often targeting vulnerable pedestrians and businesses.

One such gang was just captured by law enforcement, and they even had the nerve to brag about New York’s pro-crime policies.

In the early morning hours of January 31, career criminals Alvin Velez and Carlos Perez were arrested after the two allegedly robbed 13 victims all across New York City.

According to local outlet AMNY, Velez has served time for attempted murder, while Perez has a previous conviction on weapons charges.

Some of his victims supposedly include a food truck worker, a pair of people who were checking into their hotel room, and a group of six people dining together.

After allegedly terrorizing New York City for several hours, the duo crashed their car and were quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

Upon being arrested, Alvin Velez joked that “In 24 hours, I’ll be out on bail.”

The sad thing is, under normal circumstances, he would be right, however federal agents got involved this time.

The Left has ratched their “Defund The Police” movement back up in the wake of Tyre Nicholas’s death at the hands of local black officers in Memphis, TN – despite the fact that everyone involved was black.

Democrats have long been accused of using such incidents to push for federalized police power.

And the massive robbery spree like Velez and Perez are accused of offers federal officers the chance to make local policing look bad and possibly boost public support for federalizing law enforcement.

In reality, the problem isn’t the police but New York’s cashless bail system Velez joked about.

But with the feds prosecuting Velez and Perez, they will not be released on bail.

New York and other cities must start taking crime seriously

New York needs to start getting serious about crime and reform its bail laws.

The two suspects in this case did what they did because they firmly believed they would not face any consequences if they got caught.

The very fact that Alvin Velez bragged about New York’s pro-crime bail policies shows that the only people who benefit from these policies are criminals and the Left’s pushing to abolish local cops and federalize policing instead.

Law-abiding citizens and business owners are the ones who suffer the most from these brain-dead policies that have been passed by Democrat lawmakers.

Until policies like cashless bail are overturned, expect more and more federal involvement creeping in as crime keeps going up in New York City and other crime-infested cities across the nation.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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