Things got ugly when this elected official confronted a drugged up bum

From New York to Los Angeles, laws have become nothing more than suggestions.

Criminals have started thinking they won’t face consequences.

So things went to a whole new level when this city councilor confronted a drugged up bum, and things got ugly. 

New York City has become a lawless wasteland 

A Republican New York City Councilwoman has had enough.

After dealing with a neighborhood squator taking up residence in an empty home for months, Vickie Paladino decided enough was enough.

As she pulled up to a neighborhood in her district, she saw somebody quickly pulling out who she recognized as the serial squattor.

This time she confronted the man who ended up cussing her out, and even blew weed smoke in her face. 

The man looked to be a complete low life and has been allegedly squatting in the neighborhood for years.

Paladino told the Daily News she has pleaded with the Department of Buildings to handle the squatters and the “illicit activities” at the property.

“These people have been terrorizing this community,” Paladino said.

Following the incident, Paladino posted a video of the confrontation on Twitter with a promise for even more action. 

New York has always been a hotbed for crime, but in recent years things have gotten so much worse. 

Now more than anytime in recent memory, criminals feel emboldened to act out and do whatever they feel like doing.

They are doing this because they know they will not face any repercussions for their illegal actions.

Despite promises to crack down on crime, New York remains very dangerous

After the election of New York’s current mayor, Eric Adams, many New Yorkers were hopeful due to Adams’ promises for tougher law enforcement. 

Unfortunately, it does not look like those promises are amounting to much. 

New York remains a high crime area with criminals who are more emboldened than ever. 

Squatting has become very common in New York and across America.

Biden’s unconstitutional CDC eviction moratorium was bad enough.

But every level of government down to leftist state and local city councils have practically legalized squatting, creating a living nightmare for property owners and their neighbors. 

If New York ever hopes to get serious about crime, then the people need to stop electing Democrats who are too afraid to stand up to criminals, or worse reward them.

Eric Adams may be better than his predecessor Bill de Blasio, but he is still not willing to do what it takes to rid New York City of crime.

What New York needs is more people like Paladino who have the guts to stand up for her constituents. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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