Shocking town hall video proved one Democrat-run city is bursting at the seams

Americans are growing weary of Democrat leadership.

Even residents in deep-blue cities are getting fed up.

And a shocking town hall video proved one Democrat-run city is bursting at the seams.

San Francisco appears to be a city on the brink.

Crime is rampant, homelessness is expanding, open-air drug use is being sponsored by the city government, and leadership seems clueless on what to do.

Now a fight over the city redistricting map has led to high tension between black and Asian residents.

NBC Bay Area reported that “the process of redrawing voting district maps is something few people pay much attention to. But in San Francisco, where entire neighborhoods might change drastically every 10 years, the process can be contentious. On the steps of San Francisco City Hall, a group of redistricting activists raised concerns about the way the process is going…They said residents in the Portola and Visitation Valley neighborhoods want to be reunited after 20 years of being in different supervisor’s districts. But in [a] video…tensions erupted during work sessions and meetings between opposing coalitions. The redistricting board first approved a controversial new map but then rejected it earlier this week after widespread concerns.”

Communist organizer Josephine Zhao argued, “It’s not okay to say the final draft map is violence, simply because of our presence, it’s being called violence.”

But opponents of the map said it would limit their representation.

Organizer Cheryl Thornton said, “Black people in this city have been struggling just to survive . . . For decades, our numbers have been going down.”

NBC Bay Area added that “[opponents] say uniting Portola and Visitation Valley would happen at their expense because they would be cut out of Supervisor Shamonn Walton’s district. He’s the only African American currently sitting on the board of supervisors and they’re concerned they would lose representation at city hall . . . The now-rejected map had also raised concerns among LGBTQ and Latino immigrant communities in other districts.”

This is what happens when identity politics run amok.

The city is becoming unmanageable.

And Bay Area progressive elites ignore the chaos as they lounge in their ivory towers.

They’re allowed to do this because they have isolated themselves from the ramifications of their political ideology.

They can promote far-left policies that divide communities, facilitate crime, and ruin schools because they live in posh neighborhoods with security and send their children to private schools.

San Francisco has become a completely dysfunctional city, and many residents caught in the middle are getting out of Dodge.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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