Police in this city threw the wrong woman in jail – and what happened next will infuriate anyone who cares about justice

One woman was about to board a flight when her life took a sudden, unexpected turn.

Before long she was in handcuffs.

And what happened next will infuriate anyone who cares about justice.

A California woman is suing the government after she was arrested – and officers didn’t even bother to check her driver’s license number, which would have proven they’d tossed the wrong woman in jail.

Bethany K. Farber, was about to board a plane headed for Mexico when she was taken to a room and told by TSA agents that she was being arrested on a warrant from Texas.

The Los Angeles County woman tried to explain that they were mistaken since she’s never set foot in Texas.

Now she’s going after the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Airport police, and the city of Los Angeles for erroneously locking her up for 13 days.

“At no time did City Defendants ask Plaintiff for her driver’s license, date of birth, age, social security number or any other information which would have proven that Plaintiff did not have any warrant for her arrest in the State of Texas,” her lawyer penned in her lawsuit filing. “By looking at a picture of Plaintiff and a picture of the other Bethany Farber, City Defendants would have realized Plaintiff should not have been arrested at all.”

The blond with long hair doesn’t look remotely like the Bethany Farber who is actually wanted by authorities.

The Bethany Farber in Texas has short, brown hair, a different middle name, and is older than the Californian cosmetologist who was arrested in her place.

Furthermore, Bethany K. Farber has cell phone records proving she wasn’t even in Texas on the day a crime was allegedly committed by the other Bethany Farber.

Even after Texas authorities told Los Angeles police they had the wrong woman, Farber spent an extra three days in jail.

While she was in jail, her grandmother passed away from a stroke – a circumstance her attorneys say may have been aggravated by the stress of having her granddaughter wrongly imprisoned.

Avoiding wrongful imprisonment has become a rallying cry among pro-crime leftists as they claim racial bias is behind the wrongful incarceration of black people.

But what about a white woman like Bethany Farber?

Rather than using race as a distraction, the real focus should be on treating every citizen with respect regardless of color.

There wouldn’t be much room for complaint if police bosses were focused on accuracy and due diligence rather than playing politics non-stop.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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