Outraged citizens cannot hold this elected official accountable for her appalling crimes.

When it comes to elected officials, accountability is the name of the game. 

No politician should ever be above the law, and citizens should always have the ability to oust anybody who stands against their values. 

But in this blue state, outraged citizens are finding it difficult to hold this disgraced elected official accountable for her appalling crimes. 

For the Left, the rule of law is just a mere suggestion

Imagine that you are heading to work on your bike, just to get slammed into by a crazed, out-of-control driver, who then leaves you there to rot. 

Well, that is exactly what happened to 29-year-old Andrew Black who got blindsided by Jersey City, NJ Democrat City Council member Amy DeGise. 

Fortunately, Black was able to get up and wave at fellow pedestrians after the wreck. 

Accidents happen and even though Black is okay, hit-and-run is a very serious crime. 

But it’s hard to make the case that she wouldn’t have noticed that she hit the cyclist.

And not stopping is inexcusable.

As you can see from the chilling footage, DeGise did not even slow down after slamming into Black, and she did not report the accident until 6 hours later. 

That’s unacceptable.

And over 6,000 of her constituents agree.

Despite calls from her constituents to step down, DeGise is refusing to do anything of the sort. 

So, outraged citizens are turning to the nuclear option aka organizing a recall election. 

Some 6,000 people have signed an electronic petition demanding DeGise step down. 

But according to a Gothamist.com report, the citizens of Jersey City are discovering that recalling the politician isn’t as easy as you’d think. 

At-large voting districts and dirty registration stack the deck against citizens

Many states require a threshold of 25% of voters from the last election in the district to sign a petition in order to trigger a recall. 

That would be a big number already because DeGise is an at-large member for the entirety of Jersey City and 170,000 people voted in the last general election.

All things being equal, if it were a “votes cast” state that would mean about 42,000 signatures would be needed in order to trigger a recall election.

But it’s New Jersey.

And New Jersey requires 25% of ALL registered voters in the jurisdiction to sign petitions. 

Thanks to dirty registration rolls, and likely numerous fraudulent registrations after the 2020 elections, that’s a massive number.

The bottom line is, it could be virtually impossible to recall criminal politicians like DeGise. 

High recall thresholds are less than surprising in blue states like New Jersey

This entire situation with DeGise demonstrates the appalling double standard afforded to liberal politicians in many blue states and other authoritarian governments. 

In DeGise’s situation, DeGise was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and for not reporting the mishap to police until six hours later when she allegedly “bumped her head, thus jarring her memory of the crash”. 

Tom DeGise’s daughter

But her father is the powerful County Executive in Hudson County for which Jersey City is the seat of government.

One city councilman, James Solomon, admitted “Part of the reason there’s been so little public comment from 95% of elected officials in Hudson County is that no one wants to upset the apple cart,” Gothamist reported.

So in other words, DeGise is likely to get a slap on the wrist for her flagrant disregard of the law. 

And as far as her job is concerned, it looks highly unlikely she will face any sort of legitimate recall effort given New Jersey’s recall laws. 

DeGise is a far-Left radical any way you look at it, and given her powerful family’s deep roots in the Democrat Party that has controlled New Jersey for years, she has little worry about. 

This sort of protection for Party loyalists is the antithesis of the rule of law and goes against everything America stands for. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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