One major city’s councilman is proposing a $100 solution for a 10-cent problem

Democrats can be counted on to create problems – and then make an even bigger mess creating even more problems under the guise of a solution. 

That’s exactly what’s happening in one major city where a councilman has an outrageous plan to deal with fallout from leftist policies. 

And his latest scheme amounts to a $100 solution for a 10-cent problem. 

Crime in California is absolutely out of control for one good reason: Democrats are reaping what they’ve sown thanks to pro-crime policies. 

The obvious solution is to reverse flawed leftist policies until it becomes obvious crime doesn’t pay. 

That could be accomplished by replacing pro-crime District Attorneys, making sure police are fully funded and supported, and making it easier for law-abiding citizens to be equipped to defend themselves with sidearms.

Instead, one Oakland councilman wants to call in the National Guard to “counter gun crime.”

What’s that? 

You need good guys with guns to make society function? 

While there’s no doubt soldiers stomping around with semi-automatic rifles would garner some serious respect, it’s a typical leftist move calculated to turn the most affluent nation in the world into a complete mess they can justify taking over as central planners. 

Of course, Oakland is already practically a war zone.

Local station KPIX interviewed a local resident who said “I always make sure I have some kind of weapon like a pepper spray or a little baton – something – that’s become our norm. It’s feeling like you always have to be ready to fight, which is a horrible feeling.”

They might sound nice in theory, but actually living with blue state policies can’t be anything but a “horrible feeling.”

It’s made worse in a culture where law-abiding people are trained to fear guns rather than learning to protect themselves safely. 

Recently, robbers approached a food cart in the Fruitvale district and when customers tried to fight back one was shot in the head and killed. 

The man who committed the murder hasn’t been caught – along with several other violent offenders in the area. 

“Criminals just seem to think it’s a free-for-all just to come out and there’s no consequences and they won’t get caught,” a local resident said.

The councilman representing the district says the police force is down by about 100 officers like other agencies nearby. 

“For me, the only alternative I have left is to call out the National Guard. Have the governor send out the National Guard to help protect us,” Councilman Noel Gallo said. “I’m not joking.”

Of course, like all good blue state elected officials, he’s quick to blame the issue on guns rather than thugs or the leftist policies that empower them claiming the “city needs to offer young people more opportunities before they pick up a gun.”

A more effective approach would be to encourage more law-abiding citizens to pick up a gun – and learn how to use it effectively – which would rapidly correct a glaring power imbalance in the city. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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