One Governor is about to cut paychecks and kill even more small businesses with one terrible plan

Skyrocketing inflation has families struggling to buy food.

Now those in one state will likely see a huge cut to their pay.

And it’s a move that will also kill small businesses.

California is already struggling with unemployment above 7%.

No surprise, since Governor Gavin Newsom’s disastrous leftist policies destroyed the economy.

Last year 25% of California restaurants went out of business.

More will die soon if Newsom has his way.

He’s pushing for his state to become the first to introduce a universal health care system.

Of course, it’s set up to cover all the illegal aliens flowing into the state from Mexico.

“We are implementing our ideals. We are manifesting this principle – this fundamental notion that so many of us have been preaching for years and years and years.”

Like every “fundamental notion” Democrats treasure, the burden of paying for it will be put directly on the shoulders of the people.

In this case the weapons of choice are new income and business taxes.

It seems likely some sort of healthcare plan will be adopted by California lawmakers soon.

By Tuesday night a different single-payer healthcare system plan had already made it through the first big step to become law when the Assembly Health Committee passed it in an 11 to 3 vote.

The sponsor of that second plan took a swipe at Newsom.

“Do not mistake compassion for acceptance of a status quo that ultimately is fiscally unsustainable, unreasonably inefficient and morally indefensible,” Assemblymember Ash Kalra said.

Kalra’s plan is similar to a single-payer program favored by Bernie Sanders and would eliminate every other healthcare option.

A university study concluded it would likely cost California taxpayers about $222 billion.

Newsom’s plan wouldn’t completely wipe out the current system like Kalra’s would.

Instead, it would add more people to existing systems.

The Governor says it would cost $614 million the first year and $2.2 billion every year after that.

No matter who wins the leftist showdown, it’s likely the tax burden will be shouldered by fewer taxpayers in the end.

Census data shows about 261,000 people fled the blue state in just six months last year.

That’s likely to pale in comparison with what happens this year as California elected officials do their level best to make life in the Golden State intolerable.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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