One blue city is so far out of control it’s getting sued by homeless squatters for the most ridiculous reason

Leftists have a special talent for turning paradise into a nightmarish dystopia. 

And that’s more apparent than ever after blue cities gave Black Lives Matter rioters free rein. 

Now one blue city is so far out of control it’s getting sued by homeless squatters for the most ridiculous reason. 

Petaluma, California was a gorgeous little city near San Francisco with about 57,000 people. 

Located in one of the richest agricultural areas in the world, the city features some incredible historic sites – and now one seriously ugly encampment.

Thanks to leftist policies the city hasn’t even been able to kick people off the public land without a lengthy court battle.

Now local reporters with the Argus Courier are bemoaning that one squatter is “contemplating his now shaky future, after receiving a notice from the Petaluma Police Department two weeks ago that informed him and other nearby residents that they’d have to find someplace else to live.”

Ironically, rather than leveraging contacts and resources to get into a better living situation, people living in the encampment filed a countersuit June 2 to extend the injunction that’s forced the police to let them have their way on public land at the Petaluma Steamer Landing since October. 

And what are the big bad bogeymen in city hall planning? 

“The city is thankful that the court dissolved the preliminary injunction,” Assistant City Manager Brian Cochran wrote in an email to the newspaper. “Beginning June 11 the city and its partners may enter the encampment to continue to assist those who need housing and services and to address the concerns of the community, such as the fire risk, potential contamination of water and other health and safety concerns of the entire community.”

That’s assuming some leftist judge doesn’t decide the illegal squatters get to stay. 

Thanks to the disastrous policies – spearheaded by Governor Gavin Newsom and egged on by Bidenflation – poverty is a serious issue in California. 

But make no mistake about it, homeless encampments with legal system savvy so-called “residents” are a political tool of the far-left. 

There’s nothing leftists want to see more than the erosion of property rights and a breakdown in society severe enough that citizens would tolerate – and even encourage – meddlesome central planners to have their way. 

Following the riots led by self-described Marxist Black Lives Matter Leaders, encampments have been cropping up in blue cities across the nation. 

With a potent combination of pro-crime policies, socialist indoctrination in schools, and economically devastating policies, leftists are well on their way to creating slums in the richest nation in the world. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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