Norfolk Southern execs won’t be happy over this news leaked out of Michigan

Under normal circumstances, that a business is poised to receive tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars would be music to the ears of those in charge.

But timing is everything and in this case such a move could generate plenty of unwanted heat.

Now, Norfolk Southern execs won’t be happy over this news leaked out of Michigan.

Norfolk Southern has been the focus of much public outrage of the train derailment and environmental disaster that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio on February 3.

But that hasn’t stopped Michigan’s recently re-elected Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer from trying to line the company’s pockets.

Gov wants $15 million from taxpayers for the freight company from the East Palestine disaster

Up to $15 million could go to the Norfolk Southern Railway Company out of a $750 million proposal in corporate welfare money from the Whitmer administration.

According to the Midwesterner, “The Whitmer administration has already given ‘$210 million in state incentives,’ and ‘$772 million in tax abatements,’ according to the Detroit News, for the project that couples Ford with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., or CATL, a communist Chinese-controlled company.”

In addition to the ties to the Chinese Communist government, the timing of this particular plan gives it a seriously bad look.

Former gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon (R) said, “Millions in MI taxpayer dollars should not be going to Norfolk Southern while investigations into the company’s two recent derailments – one resulting in an environmental crisis – are ongoing.”

She’s not alone in her opposition to the Governor’s gambit.

Transparency for public safety is needed

Michigan Rep. James DeSana (R) said, “Norfolk Southern has had two dangerous train derailments in the Midwest this month – one in Michigan and another that leaked hazardous chemicals that are still causing serious concerns for families in Ohio. Yet Gov. Whitmer is asking us to ignore all that and hand over taxpayer dollars to help Norfolk Southern grow in Michigan.”

Others suggested that the governor hold true to her proclamations of being mindful of environmental concerns.

Rep. Jamie Thompson (R) said, “Norfolk Southern needs to be clear about what happened and why this is happening. There needs to be accountability. The company needs to be transparent about what it’s doing to protect the public, address these issues and prevent future incidents before a single cent of our hard-earned tax dollars is handed over to help it grow its business in Michigan.”

Not surprisingly, Michigan Democrats disagree.

Democrat Rep. Philip Skaggs said, “It is simply smart government to build the infrastructure around which private enterprise can thrive.”

Once upon a time, Democrats professed concern for the safety of working families over lining the pockets of corporations.

With the potential infusion of tax-payer money, Norfolk Southern is going to be watched closely, and should the proposal go through, any further mishaps could very well make Whitmer a lame duck.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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