Newsom got mugged by reality on green energy when he admitted defeat on this key issue

Democrats have written off energy-producing parts of the country to keep extremists happy, even if it means they pay an electoral price.

But sometimes the price of appeasing the far-left is too steep.

And California Governor Gavin Newsom got mugged by reality on green energy when he admitted defeat on this key issue.

In a sudden change of heart, Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom suggested Friday he would support keeping Diablo Canyon, the state’s last nuclear power plant, open.

In an email to local media in December, Newsom spokesperson Erin Mellon said the Governor wouldn’t intervene to keep the plant open, but now it appears that Newsom has flip-flopped his position after the Biden administration unveiled a $6 billion credit program earlier in April to help prevent nuclear plants from shutting down for economic reasons.

In an interview with the LA Times, Newsom appeared to suggest he would back an effort from the power plant to request federal funds to help save the facility from shutting down.

Newsom said, “The requirement is by May 19 to submit an application, or you miss the opportunity to draw down any federal funds if you want to extend the life of that plant. We would be remiss not to put that on the table as an option.”

A Newsom administration report in 2019 said Diablo Canyon operator Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) “must move forward with plans to safely and quickly decommission because it poses a threat to the surrounding community and environment.”

But now there’s fear that wind and solar just aren’t going to cut it, based on projections for the summer.

California experienced major blackouts in August 2020 after solar panels stopped producing enough energy.

According to the California Energy Commission, Diablo Canyon alone accounted for 8.5% of California’s in-state power generation in 2020 and losing that power would only exacerbate an over-stressed power grid.

According to the LA Times, Newsom’s decision to change his view on Diablo Canyon was influenced by projected widespread power shortages caused by the state’s unreliable renewable energy-fueled grid.

In an email to The Daily Caller, Mellon said, “The Governor is in support of keeping all options on the table to ensure we have a reliable grid, especially as we head into a summer where the California Independent System Operator expects California could have more demand than supply during the kind of extreme events that California has experienced over the past two summers. This includes considering an extension to Diablo Canyon which continues to be an important resource as we transition to clean energy.”

“Going green” may sound great to activists – but it’s not if it means blackouts and a breakdown of civil society.

Hopefully California avoids what would have been a self-inflicted wound, because it certainly has other challenges brought on by decades of far-left governance.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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