New Yorkers are furious after Eric Adams did the unthinkable while they froze to death

Over the last week or so, most of the American northeast was ravaged by extremely cold temperatures.

Dozens of people across the state of New York perished and many more were trapped in their homes without heat.

And now New Yorkers are furious after Eric Adams did the unthinkable while they froze to death.

Eric Adams is completely out of touch with his constituents

A cold wind blew over the American northeast during the Christmas weekend bomb cyclone that saw scores of people across the state of New York perish.

Emergency services across the region scrambled to deliver life-saving help to people trapped, and each and every second matters immensely.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams decided it was a nice time to take a tropical vacation.

While New Yorkers were quite literally freezing to death, Eric Adams was soaking up the sun in the tropical U.S. Virgin Islands.

Yes, you read that correctly. While New York City and New York State faced a natural disaster, Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams was lounging around in the Caribbean over Christmas weekend.

At a press conference this past Tuesday, Eric Adams confronted the press, who has been roasting him for his poorly timed tropical getaway.

Adams declared, “After 365 days of commitment to this city, I decided to take two days to reflect on mommy. And to watch how you responded to my two days out of this city was really alarming. I deserve a good work-life balance like you do.”

It’s unclear what Adams meant by “reflect on mommy.”

Why Eric Adams’s tropical getaway is so outrageous

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with politicians taking a vacation every now and then.

They do have jobs that are occasionally stressful after all, but the timing and location of Eric Adam’s vacation could not have been worse.

Politics is all about optics, and when you are lounging around on a tropical beach while your constituents and supporters are quite literally freezing to death, then you have to expect some blowback.

Adams’ pushback about this vacation sends New Yorkers the message that Adams believes he is above them, and that he does not care about the issues and emergencies they are dealing with.

Certainly, Eric Adams may have planned the trip long in advance and could not have predicted this storm when he did, but he should have canceled the vacation once he saw that there was a devastating winter storm on its way.

One thing is for sure, great leaders like Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan made decisions they didn’t want to make when their people were suffering.

Apparently Eric Adams is cut from worse cloth.

New Yorkers should remember that moving forward.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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