Nancy Pelosi was blasted by a Democrat challenger after her husband’s DUI arrest

Democrats typically and infamously allow no deviations from the party line.

“Wrong think” is punished by banishment and cancellation so it’s rare for a party member to speak their mind.

But Nancy Pelosi was blasted by a Democrat challenger after her husband’s DUI arrest.

Shahid Buttar is a left-wing Democrat running to unseat Pelosi in California’s 12th District in the upcoming June 7 primary.

He blasted the 36-year incumbent on Monday as a “corrupt oligarch” who only caters to elites after Pelosi’s husband was busted for alleged drunk driving near the couple’s $5 million Napa Valley vineyard.

Buttar, a civil liberties attorney, said, “More people are coming to recognize the corruption of the incumbent, which is ultimately why I ran. You know, I’m not a politician. I’m an accountability agent. As important as it is to prosecute drunk driving, the Pelosi family’s continuing history of insider trading — and Nancy’s refusal to debate any challengers since 1987 — are frankly even more scandalous.”

Both Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s stock trades have been called into question over improprieties and potential illegalities over the past year.

Additionally, the House Speaker’s obstinate refusal to debate could have something to do with her increasingly frequent verbal lapses as she has appeared to confuse Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush on multiple occasions.

In March, Paul Pelosi bought $2.2 million in Tesla stock even as some in Congress proposed banning lawmakers and their spouses from stock trading and critics on the Left and Right have called Pelosi’s actions a conflict of interest, given that lawmakers have access to sensitive information and are responsible for enacting laws regulating businesses.

To further drive the point home, Buttar said of Pelosi, “She’s not someone there to represent constituents. She’s there to fill her pockets, and her record proves it’s what she spent most of her time doing. The hope I have is that San Francisco can liberate its voice in Washington, and remove a corrupt oligarch who’s been corrupting our city’s voice for a generation.”

Buttar condemned “corporate Democrats” like Pelosi who prioritize “housing as a commodity” and have created a city with more empty units than people who need shelter.

Buttar is decidedly an underdog in his fight to win his party’s nomination given Pelosi’s cash advantage and multiple decades’ seniority.

The Cook Political Report rates the Congressional district “Solid Democrat” for the general election but overall control of the House is anything but solid, and likely leans in the other direction due to Democrats’ stumbles, and assuming Pelosi does hang on to her Congressional seat, maintaining her status as Speaker is far less likely.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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