Murdering babies doesn’t even phase radical leftists in this blue state

Leftists have a special talent for coming up with the absolute worst ideas – and then defending them come hell or high water.

Now Democrats in one blue state are taking that to one insanely horrifying place.

And it turns out murdering babies doesn’t even phase radical leftists in one blue state.

“Fact checkers” have been trying to claim a proposed law won’t make infanticide legal in California.

But the legal language being considered has enough wiggle room to allow a baby to die within its first month out of the womb with no repercussions as long as it’s considered a “pregnancy related” complication.

The measure was pushed by The Future of Abortion Council, but journalists from Reuters, The Associated Press,, The Sacramento Bee, and AFP would have us believe it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with killing babies.

The bill is designed to protect women and anyone assisting them from getting in legal trouble from miscarriages, stillbirth, and abortions.

But the devil really is in the details on this one.

The proposed law also protects those involved from facing criminal charges in cases of “perinatal death.”

That’s medical jargon for the death of a baby up to one month old.

The exemptions are supposed to only apply to a “pregnancy related cause.”

But exactly what that amounts to isn’t explained.

We can only imagine the Democrats pushing the bill plan to leave it up to pro-abortion advocates to figure out how to use the language’s deliberately loose structure to serve their agenda best.

According to the Right to Life League, this murderous proposition is only one of 20 radical pro-abortion bills Democrats are trying to ram into law.

Their atrocious ideas include things like scholarships for medical students willing to commit to being abortion providers, requiring health insurers to promote abortion, going after prolife alternatives as “fake clinics,” and even money to promote abortion tourism.

It’s all part of an effort to draw women from all over the country to rush to California when they decide they want an abortion.

“People from across the country are already looking to California as a haven state, as a beacon to provide them the care they need,” Jodi Hicks, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, said according to an article in the VC Star. “It is our moral imperative that we continue to provide the leadership that people are looking for.”

It’s funny how often Planned Parenthood’s “moral imperative” just happens to line up with profitable initiatives.

Currently, abortion providers are rushing to build abortion centers around transportation hubs in California.

Ironically, California has all kinds of problems the legislature could be working on like regulations driving a chronic housing shortage, a business climate that’s left the Golden State with the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and all the conditions that have made California’s the most impoverished population of any US state.

But all their lawmakers seem to really care about is making it easier to kill innocent babies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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