Medical witch hunts are on for doctors who don’t push Fauci and Biden’s medical propaganda

“Follow the science” has become a leftist battle cry.

But science and good medical practices are taking a backseat to political maneuvering and Big Pharma profiteering.

Now, doctors across the nation are being hunted down for offering COVID-19 patients one important, inexpensive, treatment option.

A Minnesota doctor is joining scores of others across the country being investigated and ostracized for offering one relatively safe – sometimes lifesaving – medication to patients suffering from COVID-19 and related “long haul” symptoms.

The sheer hypocrisy of the situation couldn’t get any worse.

These days the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is rushing to approve medication on an emergency basis – with little information about whether it’s even remotely safe.

More often than not, the government approval comes after Joe Biden’s Administration has already committed to purchase doses for most of the US population.

And even as Big Pharma companies enjoy immunity from medical harm caused by vaccines and seek to have data about them hidden from the public for decades, doctors across the nation are having their careers destroyed over following a safe and commonly accepted medical practice.

“Off-label” prescription use has been a well-established medical practice for decades – just think of all the birth control pills prescribed to help with acne or anti-seizure drugs for migraines.

But drug companies that needed an “emergency” excuse to get their controversial mRNA vaccine not only medically accepted, but into the blood streams of most people on earth, have a vested interest in ignoring other options – including inexpensive and safe drugs that can be used off-label.

In fact, in 2020, doctors were told the official policy was to avoid treating patients until they showed up in the ER.

That didn’t sit well with many doctors who took their oath to “do no harm” seriously.

Now American doctors who went rogue and gave patients Ivermectin – a safe drug developed for use in humans to wipe out parasites and treat river blindness – are getting subjected to what essentially amounts to witch hunts from hospital systems and medical boards.

In spite of overwhelmingly positive data from hospitals in India – and decades of safe use in human populations in countries with high parasite levels – doctors are being forced to hand over patient information in politically-driven inquisitions.

Ironically, many doctors will likely lose their livelihoods after “following the science” to treat their patients in the best way they can in the situation – and will likely be convicted of wrongdoing without a judge or jury outside of a peer system stacked against them.

Meanwhile, most of us will probably have time to die of old age before Big Pharmaceutical companies are forced to reveal the dirty secrets that allowed them to turn an international pandemic into their biggest payday ever.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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