Lori Lightfoot just walked into a scandal that perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of Chicago Democrats

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is so awful, you’d think she was a character out of some fictional satire piece. 

Violent criminals seem like only ones in the city she isn’t constantly talking down to.

But she just walked herself into a new scandal that perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of Chicago Democrats. 

Lori Lightfoot can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. 

She’s a pro at doing exactly the wrong thing at all the worst times. 

It seemed unlikely she could top getting caught maskless at a sports event even as her police force was being put through all kinds of Chicago-style intimidation tactics, including facing getting fired if they refused to get the jab.

But Lightfoot always manages to come through in an endless quest to maintain her reign as “worst mayor in America.”

Being a typical taxpayer-fleecing Democrat, she’s all for increasingly strict speed limit laws—especially surrounding the use of speed cameras. 

Of course, she could probably care less about criminal street racers and serial reckless drivers who blow way past speed limits and put lives at risk.

But ordinary drivers who are just keeping up with the flow of traffic and slip over the limit, they are a different story.   

After all, they are far more likely to cough up for exorbitant fines.

So, she’s argued that the 10 mile per hour “buffer zone” currently offered should be dropped down to six miles per hour. 

But now in a stunning revelation it turns out Lightfoot isn’t exactly a big fan of paying those tickets when she’s caught in the wrong. 

According to a Fox Business report “multiple” police-driven vehicles used to haul around the mayor have been racking up tickets—and the mayor isn’t bothering to pay them off. 

In fact, in the past month alone two different SUVs Lightfoot rides in have racked up three speed camera tickets and two warnings. 

Another three SUVs used by the mayor in the past have outstanding tickets and according to the rules one should be booted and impounded at this point. 

But that’s only the beginning—incredibly two SUVs have been ticketing for speeding in a school zone while children were present. 

“It is unconscionable that any City Council member would consider voting to allow for increased speeds near spaces utilized by our children,” Lightfoot said last month.

“No one likes speed cameras. I get it,” Lightfoot added. “But this is life or death that we’re talking about here, and we’ve got to step up as a city and address this.”  

Obviously, she’s in no hurry to put her money where her mouth is. 

Funny how she expects the other 3.8 million Chicago drivers caught by speed cameras to pay up completely and on time. 

Unsurprisingly, Lightfoot hasn’t been interested in talking to the media since news about her latest scandal broke. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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