Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker infuriated citizens with this cowardly escalation of their war against Greg Abbott

Leftists will blindside anyone with their cowardly attacks.

Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker crossed the line with their petty leftist rage when they dragged people in who were never involved.

But now they’ve stepped in it with this cowardly escalation of their war against Greg Abbott – and citizens are furious.

Chicago Democrats are all for immigration – until it happens in their own backyard

Big blue city mayors often tout how welcoming their cities are.

The implication is that conservatives are mean-spirited or worse for not supporting unrestricted migration into the country with no safeguards for Americans.

Now, Chicago Democrats are all for immigration, until it happens in their own backyard.

Over two million mostly illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border since January of 2021 because the Biden administration has actively chosen to not enforce existing immigration laws.

As border cities and states have become overwhelmed, local officials have acted where the federal government has failed.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent busloads of these immigrants to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” – but it turns out that those cities aren’t nearly as welcoming in practice as they are in theory.

Migrants sent to Chicago by Texas Governor Greg Abbott have been redirected to the Republican suburb of Burr Ridge, Illinois.

The suburban mayor isn’t sure whether it was Governor J.B. Pritzker or Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (both Democrats, naturally) who sent them there but he is leaning toward thinking it was Lightfoot.

Lightfoot has complained about the immigrants of dubious legality being bused to her city.

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso said he was only notified about the migrants after they were already checked in.

Grasso told Fox News’ Fox and Friends, “You have to presume it’s the city. Of course, they came in through the city. That’s where the buses originated from, and they were sent to our city. There’s confusion, even as we sit here this morning. There’s confusion as to who made the decision, whether it was the governor, who, you know, is a sanctuary state person or the mayor, but we got no heads up. I was not told. My staff was not told.”

When asked whether the newcomers would stay or what they would do now that they are in his suburban community, Grasso took a soft approach, saying, “They are in our village, and, of course, they are a lot safer in Burr Ridge than they are in Chicago. So, safety is the number one job of government and so we are making sure they are safe. They are not the problem. They are behaved. There’s no issue with them at all. They are looking for school opportunities. We’re inquiring as to whether or not they can be employed by our local businesses if that’s an option. We don’t even know, frankly, how long they’re going to stay. They’re here legally supposedly, because they are asylum seekers, which I understand just means that they are here temporarily until they go through the process.”

But even as Grasso takes a welcoming approach, the leftist hack governor had to get in a dig via his press secretary, who said, “The state has a prior relationship with the hotel being used in the suburbs and their staff has done amazing work welcoming refugees and asylum seekers before, so it is interesting that local officials are choosing this specific instance to gripe to the press about this specific group of asylum seekers that consists of about 30 families. Gov. Pritzker has made it clear that Illinois is a welcoming state and xenophobia has no home here.”

Grasso said, “I take great offense from that. This has nothing again to do with xenophobia. We are a very diverse community if anybody knows anything about Burr Ridge, you know, it’s not about the migrants. It’s about the very thing that Lori Lightfoot complained about and not giving us a heads up so we can be prepared, so we can tell our residents. Obviously, they had many, many questions about safety, about health concerns, about unaccompanied minors, and so it’s just the arrogance of the state just presuming they can do what they want. They invite people to come to this state and then they just willy-nilly put them in the suburbs without even giving us the courtesy of letting us know.”

Lightfoot and Pritzker’s cowardly “arrogance”

Grasso went further with Newsmax stating, “It is just typical arrogance of the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago to welcome everybody to come… and then put them in our village without even asking us.”

This is just one more example of how left-wing virtue-signaling is nothing but a bluff.

The same leftists who are all for unrestricted immigration live in gated communities away from the corresponding increase in crime that often accompanies poor migrant immigration from the third world.

Similarly, the same leftists who oppose school choice would never put their children in failing public schools.

The only way this gets reversed is if Republican candidates clearly articulate the problems and boldly advocate for a better approach.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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