Leftists in this city are expanding the definition of gro–ing kids

When it comes to the radical Left in America, everything they touch turns to crap.  They are the antithesis of King Midas. 

If you thought the far-Left’s attraction toward brainwashing children couldn’t get sicker, it’s time to think again.

Because they are expanding the definition of gro–ing kids in this far-Left enclave.

The Left already brainwashes children in college, but that is not young enough for the extremists who are taking it to a whole new level in Portland, Oregon.

It was discovered that freaks in the far-Left city now have a summer camp they’re using as means to train children to become Marxist fundamentalists. 

Antifa Summer Camp

Liberals simply hate everything that makes life enjoyable. 

How these people live their lives in a constant state of self-pitying and self-hatred is a complete mystery. 

But it is not enough to be miserable, the Left has to project this misery to everyone around them. 

That is how cancel culture was born in the first place. Much like the Soviet Union, liberals dream of a world where everything is bleak and is completely miserable, all in the name of socialism and social-justice. 

However, most adults are wise enough to reject those failed mindsets and way of life, which means liberals have to look at children in order to expand their ranks. 

And throughout the ages, their target demographic for new recruits has gotten younger and younger. 

Traditionally, the Left has targeted college students to expand their ranks, but over the years leftists have been going after children of younger and younger ages. 

The far-Left now unabashedly targets young children and does everything they can to upend culture to brainwash impressionable young minds. 

For proof, just look at what a group of sick and twisted people are doing in the liberal mecca of Portland, Oregon. 

Instead of making friendship bracelets and S’mores, children at the Budding Roses social justice summer camp in Portland, Oregon are learning something far different, Fox News reported.

Like how to riot and oppress themselves. 

Rioting Summer Camp

According to the report from Radio host Ari Hoffman on “Fox & Friends First” kids at the camp learn how to “hate the police” and become all around “little activists.”

That’s right, children at this glorified Communist boot camp are learning how to survive pepper spray attacks, and how to fight back in a riot. 

They are also learning about police abolition, and are being given anti-police Black Lives Matter coloring books. 

It goes without saying that this Antifa boot camp is not just inappropriate, but it is horrifying. 

The fact that parents are knowingly sending their children to this indoctrination camp is appalling and should count as child abuse. 

Children should enjoy being children, and that means having fun, playing games outside and making friends while also learning how to be a good people and citizens.

These Antifa freaks are doing the exact opposite to these young impressionable minds. 

The people who are running this summer camp should not be allowed anywhere near children, and officials should take a very close look at this dangerous summer camp. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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