Lawrence Jones ripped Lori Lightfoot for this trip after a Fox News reporters’ tragic loss

Lori Lighfoot is more like a caricature of a bad politician than an actual political leader. 

She’s constantly caught breaking her own rules. 

And now she’s getting ripped by Lawrence Jones for where she escaped to after a Fox News reporters’ tragic loss.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot floored citizens for where she went following another tragedy in the Windy City.

Fox News host Lawrence Jones called her out for being MIA once again.

During a recent episode of his program Cross Country, Jones called on Chicago’s gun grabbing politicians to start taking crime seriously. 

“So here we are again, more lives lost. I travel across the country each and every week from Chicago to New York, from Los Angeles to Dallas. I’ve been there, I’ve talked to the grieving families, law enforcement and political leaders,” Jones said referring to his work as a show host.

Jones tore into Lightfoot in the wake of the recent murder of Fox News reporter Gianno Caldwell’s brother in Chicago. 

“This week, sadly, it was a little bit different. It hit home. It was personal. My colleague, Gianno Caldwell, lost his brother Christian,” Jones continued. “He was only 18. I talked with Gianno before the funeral today. And one question kept repeating in my head, what is the magic number? How many will it take?” 

While leftist pretend gun control is some sort of magic elixir to end crime, the reality is that the most locked down city in the nation has become a dangerous territory lorded over by ruthless criminals who know they have every advantage over every disarmed honest person in the city.

Jones summed up his rant by pointing out that the Democrats running Chicago are choosing to ignore a massive crisis unfolding on their watch. 

What’s going on in Chicago right now is unacceptable and everybody knows it. Families deserve answers and they deserve action, Jones added. “Unfortunately, the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is preparing to flee the scene of the crime. Lightfoot is spending her city’s taxpayer funds to travel to London and Paris to promote the economic prosperity of her state. But the mayor doesn’t understand there is no pursuit of happiness without life.”

The libertarian black news host then ended with the most obvious—and most carefully ignored—truth in leftist politics. 

“We are being let down by people that look like us, that say they care about us,” Jones said. “But when we need a hero, they are nowhere to be found unless it’s election time. These kids that are being slaughtered every day won’t get the chance to vote. So, the big question is: When will it end?” 

A shocking 113 murders were committed in America’s third largest city by June 22 this year and the number of both robberies and car jackings have hit their highest point in at least four years with police reports showing 1,226 robberies and 217 car jackings. 

“The war on crime right now, the criminals are winning,” Alderman Brian Hopkins told CBS Chicago. “We’re seeing armed robbery sprees where criminals are stealing a car and using it to rob people in a given neighborhood over the course of hours—one after another—until they get tired and decide to go home.”

In spite of being a true blue city to the core, Chicagoans are sick of having to fear for their property and their lives in their own city while their mayor enjoys a life of luxury on the taxpayers dime. 

And if Lightfoot isn’t careful, she may soon have voters telling her to pack her bags and leave for good. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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