Gun-wielding thug instantly regretted his decision to hold up this Chicago restaurant after this surprise


Violent crime is out of control in most of America’s major cities.

Leftist policies have just made the situation worse causing average Americans to fight back.

But one gun-wielding thug instantly regretted his decision to hold up this Chicago restaurant. 

A gun-toting male 17-year-old thug recently held up a Chicago restaurant, according to police.

A concealed-carrying customer steps up

But, unfortunately for the teen thug, also in the establishment that night was a concealed-carrying customer who took great exception to what was happening.

The man opened fire on the suspect.

Police said it all started when the teen entered the Taco Burrito King at 5413 W. Belmont Avenue in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago.

Then, at gunpoint, the thug demanded the contents of the cash register, according to WBBM-TV.

While the clerk behind the register complied with the teen’s demands, a man with a concealed carry license who was also in the Mexican restaurant, confronted the gun-toting teen.

Chicago police said the CCL holder took out his gun and took a shot at the teen but missed.

According to police, the armed thug then took off from the restaurant and drove away in a black sport-utility vehicle.

And then he promptly crashed a half a mile to the south of the robbery scene near Diversey and Long Avenues.

Confusion as the thug is taken into custody

After crashing his SUV, the suspect then tried to flee the accident scene, but police officers were able to catch up to him and place him under arrest, WBBM reported.

Police added that they also recovered a gun from the scene.

The thug was then taken to Community First Hospital with a graze wound, according to a police spokesman.

Initially police said the would-be criminal mastermind was wounded during the armed robbery, but later they clarified that he was not wounded during the armed robbery at the restaurant.

WBBM also noted that police didn’t say where they believe the teen sustained the graze gunshot wound, but they did note that he was in fair condition at the hospital where he was being treated for his wound and being held in custody.

The confusion over how the suspect received his gunshot wound remains unsolved, or at least not explained by police.

The TV station also reported that no one else was hurt during the robbery or subsequent chase and arrest.

They also added that Area 5 detectives are still investigating the events of that night.

As for the hero concealed carry customer, no word yet on whether police are also looking at any charges for him.

Given the sad state of Chicago’s criminal justice system, gun rights supporters and Chicago citizens remain concerned he will be charged for standing up to the armed thug.

But with left-wing, anti-police policies ruling supreme in Chicago, citizens are left to try and defend themselves and others as best they can.

No one should be punished for that.

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Biden’s border crisis has virtue-signaling Democrats getting slapped in the face with this reality

Leftists love to insulate themselves from the consequences of their ideology.

It allows them to live in the lofty world of theory.

But Joe Biden’s crisis just gave virtue-signaling Democrats a dose of reality.

Joe Biden’s illegal immigration crisis at the southern border has begun to cause massive problems for Democrats.

The Left were content to ignore the problem when Republican border states were the only ones affected.

But now that illegal aliens are showing up in blue cities by the tens of thousands, Democrats are singing a different tune.

Denver is now rethinking its “sanctuary” status now that the city is being overwhelmed by illegal immigration.

NBC News reported that roughly, “40,000 migrants have arrived in Denver over the past year, making a city with a population of just over 710,000 the top destination per capita for newly arrived migrants crossing the U.S. southern border and traveling north in buses from Texas. The influx is taking a toll on the city’s public safety net. Starting Feb. 5, Denver will limit the number of days migrants can stay in shelters and send those who exceed their stay out onto the streets.”

Democrats scoffed at border towns when they were the ones dealing with thousands of new arrivals every week.

Now they are being forced to deal in the real world.

Denver Health hospital is begging for more funding to pay for $10 million in unpaid medical bills from migrants.

Mayor Mike Johnston said that Denver will need an additional $100 million to pay for housing, medical care, schooling, and other services for the migrants.

A DHS spokesperson deflected blame and commented, “We continue to urge Congress to approve our supplemental request, provide us with the resources to manage the Southwest Border in a humane, safe, and orderly manner, and provide communities across the country with the financial support they need.”

In other words, Biden and the Democrats are attempting to reframe the border crisis by blaming Republicans for not passing a border bill.

But that avoids the central issue, which is the levels of immigration America should accept.

Democrats do not want to solve the border crisis by limiting entry into the country.

They just want more funding to expedite asylum claims, which does not address the problem.

The Democrats’ attempt to reframe the issue and blame Republicans is falling flat so far.

People in these blue cities can see what’s going on.

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Tolerance is not enough, Michigan now forcing librarians to push the social justice agenda


Progressives like to portray themselves as tolerant, until they are in charge and then the tyranny begins.

The top priority of progressives is the indoctrination of children.These two goals are coming together as Michigan is now forcing librarians to actively push their social justice agenda on children.

Michigan plans to force radical agenda on librarians

The Michigan Department of Education is asking for public comment on some recent draft revisions that would affect the state’s school librarian standards.

The new standards would “expand” what librarians would learn, which would include pushing to advocate for racial and social justice.

These revisions are part of a plan to expand Michigan’s expectations for librarian preparation programs to include the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics.

That code was not in previous versions of the standards, causing some state library associations to leave the American Library Association altogether.

Many of them claim that there are ideological differences over things like moderating content and removing certain books from the shelves.

Alabama’s State Library Association voted to leave the ALA after concerns were raised surrounding sexually explicit content, and several other states are following suit.

The association in Alabama voted to leave immediately rather than wait until March when its membership would officially expire. 

Meanwhile, a letter from the Michigan Department of Education says that its new proposed standards would completely replace the current ones that were previously adopted by the State Board of Education in 2012.

Part of the new standard would now require school librarians to “model and promote the ethical practices of librarianship,” which includes things like providing access to resources, protecting intellectual freedom and fighting censorship.

However, an edition from June 2021 indicates that librarians should also pursue social justice not just at work, but in the community as a whole.

The text from ALA’s code for librarians reads, “We work to recognize and dismantle systemic and individual biases; to confront inequity and oppression; to enhance diversity and inclusion; and to advance racial and social justice in our libraries, communities, profession, and associations through awareness, advocacy, education, collaboration, services, and allocation of resources and spaces.”

The new proposal would affect school libraries

Not only would the new code determine what traditional librarians would do, but it would also affect what future school librarians would learn during their state’s college teacher training programs.

According to a memo from Delsa D. Chapman, “The proposed standards would inform program development and continuous improvement efforts at Michigan’s educator preparation institutions.”

Chapman is Michigan’s deputy superintendent, and she said that the school librarian preparation programs are “responsible for ensuring that new school librarians demonstrate proficiency in these standards.”

The proposal is open to public comment which will be reviewed before the Department of Education makes its recommendation to the State Board of Education on May 14.

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The illegal crisis is about ready to push another city to collapse


Iconic cities like Chicago and New York are struggling under the massive weight of thousands of illegal aliens coming in virtually all at once.

But it’s not just these major metropolitan areas that are having difficulty dealing with the jaw-dropping influx.

Now, another major US city is teetering on the brink of collapse as the illegal alien crisis spirals out of control.

Denver, CO struggling to deal with illegal alien arrivals

Cities like New York and Chicago have been making the headlines after being forced to deal with tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

But other places, including Denver, Colorado, are also feeling the pain as massive crowds line the streets to find food and shelter.

The overnight temperatures in Denver can get below zero degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, making the issue even more concerning.

According to Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, “Our city is really struggling. This is both a humanitarian crisis for the individuals that are arriving, and it’s a fiscal crisis for the cities that are serving. Those two crises are coming to a head right now.”

Many of the illegals were sent to Denver from Texas after Governor Greg Abbott gave them three options: New York, Chicago or Denver.

Some illegals say New York was too overcrowded and Chicago was too cold, so they chose Denver as their third and last option.

Mayors of all three cities have asked to treat the illegal alien issue as a national problem, and they want a national solution.

They want a coordinated entry system, but Abbott says the only real solution is for Joe Biden and his administration to “secure the border.”

Since May 2023, Texas has sent approximately 15,700 illegals to Denver.

Many of them were Venezuelans who applied for asylum to get “Temporary Protected Status” which allows them to live and work legally in the US for a set period.

Biden expanded the TPS program in September after New York City demanded that something be done, but the program still only applies to people coming from Venezuela who arrived in the US before August 1.

In Denver, many illegals are found in encampments located under a bridge north of downtown near I-70 and I-25.

Some say the cold weather is “tough” and that it has been “horrible” since they arrived. 

Denver is short on space

Although Denver is considered a major city, it’s struggling to keep up with the demand.

Each of the city’s hotels that were recently leased to house illegals is already full, and most of the shelters are bursting at the seams.

When Mayor Johnston went to visit a shelter recently, he was approached by people who had questions including how long Denver would be able to help them, and when they’d be able to find a job.

The mayor says that the federal government is telling most of the illegals that they have to wait six years for their asylum claims to be heard, and in the meantime, they’re being forced to rely on the cities for help.

It looks like we can add Denver, Colorado to the list of cities on the brink of collapse thanks to Joe Biden’s non-existent immigration policy.

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California bill would mandate all new cars have this device to limit how fast they can go


The nanny state is in full swing across the country.

And nowhere is it more overreaching than in the radical leftist state of California.

Now this California bill would even mandate all new cars have this device to limit how fast they can go.

A California Democrat state legislator has introduced a bill he claims is “groundbreaking” that would require all new cars sold in the Golden State be equipped with a device preventing them from going more than 10 mph over the posted speed limit.

Using the state to force behavior modification

State Senator Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco, introduced the “Speeding and Fatality Emergency Reduction on California Streets Package.” 

The bill includes a provision that, if passed, would require “new vehicles sold in California” to “install speed governors, smart devices that automatically limit the vehicle’s speed to 10 miles above the legal limit.”

In a press release from Wiener’s office, the nanny state Senator claims, “These changes are a head-on attempt to tackle vehicle fatalities, which are surging across the U.S. — and especially in California — amid a rise in reckless driving since the onset of the pandemic.”

“A recent report from TRIP, a national transportation research group, found that traffic fatalities in California have increased by 22% from 2019 to 2022, compared to 19% for the U.S. overall. In 2022, 4,400 Californians died in car crashes,” the release continued.

But that’s not all Wiener wants to do.

The statist bill package also “requires side underride guards on trucks, to reduce the risk of cars and bikes being pulled underneath the truck during a crash” and “physical improvements like new crosswalks and curb extensions on state-owned surface streets to better accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, the disability community, and transit users.”

Hypocrisy at its very worst

For a radical Democrat like Wiener who is all in favor of the mass murder of innocent babies, his attempts to force these new programs on California drivers is hypocrisy at its worst.

In fact, Wiener’s press release argues that he is pushing the radical changes to “slash” the “California road deaths epidemic.”

He apparently is quite alright with the deaths of not tens of thousands of innocent babies, but also seems perfectly willing to accept the rising number of deaths from California’s growing crime rate.

Instead, Wiener wants to impose more nanny state policies in order to try and change Californians’ driving habits. 

“The alarming surge in road deaths is unbearable and demands an urgent response,” Wiener said. “There is no reason for anyone to be going over 100 miles per hour on a public road, yet in 2020, California Highway Patrol issued over 3,000 tickets for just that offense. Preventing reckless speeding is a commonsense approach to prevent these utterly needless and heartbreaking crashes.”

Of course, not everyone is in favor of the legislation, and social media erupted with negative comments about the legislation.

“Imagine an empty highway in the middle of the night and you can only go 65,” author Richard Hanania posted on X. 

And former San Diego County Board of Supervisors candidate Amy Reichert wrote on X, “Just when you thought California couldn’t possibly get any crazier.” 

Wiener would be far better off trying to curtail the mass murder of babies in California abortion mills, or concentrating on trying to stop the rise of violent crime across the state.

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The man who leaked Trump’s tax returns just got a rude awakening


Donald Trump has been targeted in outrageous ways.

Democrat-controlled media outlets have attacked him for everything from how he eats his steak to his taxes.

And the man who leaked Trump’s tax returns just got a rude awakening.

The so-called mainstream media and Big Tech colluded to suppress The New York Post’s Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell story.

Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey would not even allow the story to be shared privately on the platform, claiming that it violated Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy.

Media outlets ignored the story and claimed that it was simply “Russian disinformation.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s leaked tax returns were plastered all over social media and legacy news outlets.

It turned out that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real and he left it behind at a computer repair shop, and Trump’s taxes were illegally disclosed.

And the man who disclosed Trump’s taxes was just sentenced to five years in prison.

Charles Edward Littlejohn, an IRS contractor from 2018 to 2020, stole tax return information for thousands of wealthy Americans, including Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Judge Ana Reyes sentenced Littlejohn to five years, the maximum penalty allowed, and said, “When you target the sitting president of the United States, you’re targeting the office and when you’re targeting the office of the president of the United States, you’re targeting democracy — you’re targeting our constitutional system of government…It cannot be open season on our elected officials — it just can’t.”

Acting Inspector General Heather Hill of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) explained that the sentence would “serve as a warning to anyone who is considering emulating Mr. Littlejohn’s actions.”

Because Trump was targeted, the so-called mainstream media did not care about the source of the leak.

They did not immediately rush to blame a foreign intelligence agency for being behind it.

IG Hill added, “TIGTA relentlessly investigates individuals who illicitly access and disclose taxpayer information, regardless of their personal motivation…TIGTA appreciates the commitment of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in ensuring those who abuse their positions of public trust are held accountable for their actions.”

If Littlejohn had targeted Trump alone, he might have been treated as a folk hero by the Left.

Trump’s finances have become a big part of the establishment’s strategy against him.

Trump is fighting multiple lawsuits aimed at bankrupting him.

Permanent Washington cannot let Trump back in the White House.

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Black Chicago residents just made a demand that has far-left Brandon Johnson spitting mad


One of the biggest mistakes a politician can make is to alienate the group of people who elected you.

But sometimes politicians break this rule out of blind ideology and risk major consequences.

Now black Chicago residents just made a demand that has far-Left Brandon Johnson spitting mad.

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson is, without a doubt, a man of the Left.

Whether it’s his cautioning residents not to blame out of control teenage vandals and perpetrators of assault or favoring lenient sentences for hardened thugs, no one would ever mistake Johnson for being one to favor law and order.

What is arguably one of his biggest blind spots though is illegal immigration.

Joe Biden’s failure to secure our nation’s southern border has led to a crisis.

Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States over the last three years.

As the illegals have arrived in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott (R) has bused thousands of these newcomers to blue cities across the United States, all cities that have had politicians proclaim each to be “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants.

Tens of thousands have arrived in Chicago alone over the past few years.

Abbott’s gambit to essentially bring the border to the blue cities whose politicians have pretended it didn’t exist has had far reaching consequences and has put Democrats on the defensive for their disastrous policies.

Former Johnson supporters feel betrayed

Now, some of the very same people (black Chicagoans) who were instrumental in Brandon Johnson’s primary victory over former Mayor Lori Lightfoot are livid at Johnson’s refusal to consider their disapproval of his “open door” policy for illegal immigrants.

Because of the massive influx of immigrants, shelters have been houses in converted warehouses and are living in very poor conditions.

But as more illegal immigrants arrive, the city has begun placing these illegal immigrants in other locations.

One of those areas was a field house at Amundsen Park and because it has been repurposed, resident kids can no longer use the facility for recreation.

Parents are furious and have protested, so far to no avail.

It’s gotten so bad that in a recent poll, Brandon Johnson’s approval rating among city residents registered at an anemic 28%.

Government employee Cata Truss filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago over the crisis.

Resident: Get rid of sanctuary city status and come up with a better plan

Truss said, “There is no moneys to take care of the migrants, nor is there moneys to take care of the people that are there. And so we have a mess on our hands. This is the sentiment from the city of Chicago: We would like to have our status as a sanctuary city removed. We would also like to see a better plan in place.”

This sentiment has the potential to spiral into a four-alarm fire for Democrats this Fall if it continues to spread.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Truss said, “Democratic Party, we are watching you. We are disappointed. We are angry. We are offended. And we feel like we are being mistreated, misused. and disrespected. We will not continue to be disrespected by the Democratic Party. As I said yesterday, and I’ll say today and tomorrow, if you are an independent candidate, Green Party candidate, Republican candidate, now is your time in this city.”

Whether Democrats are truly in danger in Chicago is an open question but the concern for the party is that a similar sentiment against open borders craziness in more traditionally evenly divided communities could lead to an electoral rout in favor of Republicans in November.

If that occurs, Democrats from President Joe Biden on down to Mayor Brandon Johnson and others will have no one to blame but themselves.

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Dog owners are terrified after this shocking heist goes viral


Every dog owner knows that caring for a dog does not come cheap.

But nothing can replace the love of a dog, making any expense or time spent a labor of love in the end.

Now dog owners are terrified after this shocking heist goes viral.

Thieves have proven that they will steal anything for a quick buck, even a beloved pet

Many purebred dogs come with a hefty price tag these days. 

Some breeds like French bulldogs go for many thousands of dollars, not to mention their upkeep and medical expenses.

Like anything that comes with a hefty price tag, people are waiting to steal it, especially in today’s crime-ridden society. 

Dog theft has become a trend, with thieves doing anything to get their hands on rare and expensive dog breeds to make a quick buck in the black market.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeleno named Ali Zacharias learned this the hard way after her beloved French bulldog named Onyx was stolen right in front of her eyes as she was getting a bite to eat at her local Whole Foods.

According to Los Angeles’s ABC 7, “(Ali Zacharias) and her dog Onyx were having lunch together at a Whole Foods in downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 18 when it all happened.”

The report added, “A woman first called to the dog, then grabbed the leash and walked away. Zacharias followed her but the woman hopped into a car with three others inside and locked the doors.”

However, Zacharias was not prepared to give up on her dog Onyx.  Zacharias told ABC 7 that, “I didn’t want the car to drive away, so I ran and stood in front of it. They drove into me and I fell on top of the hood and just started to grab on… Before I knew it, they were like backing up and taking off.”

A video of Zacharias riding on the hood of the getaway car has since gone viral, however, she inevitably failed to stop the thieves.

As it stands, the thieves remain at large, and police officers are looking into the case with the hopes of recovering Onyx and returning him to his rightful owner.

Zacharias went on to tell ABC 7, “I just feel lost and lonely without him. He’s my buddy, he’s my wingman. He goes to work with me, we do everything and he was just suddenly gone.”

Theft has eroded the quality of life for thousands of law-abiding Americans

Out-of-control crime has overwhelmed most American communities, particularly when it comes to theft.

In Democrat-controlled parts of America like Los Angeles, law-abiding citizens are finding it difficult to enjoy their lives, as a target has been placed on everything they own.

Police are often reluctant to pursue criminals in today’s environment, meaning that law-abiding citizens often pay the price for out-of-control crime and theft.

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Leftists in Gavin Newsom’s hometown are causing one major catastrophe that has residents spitting mad


Gavin Newsom’s state has become a parody of far-left idiocy.

California Democrats are enacting outrageous policies.

Now leftists in Newsom’s hometown are causing one major catastrophe.

Pro-crime policies have turned many blue cities into hellscapes.

San Francisco liberals finally had enough, and they recalled communist District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was bankrolled by George Soros.

However, things have not changed dramatically in the city because the same far-left ethos remains.

For instance, open-air drug markets have been allowed to proliferate around the city.

One reason for that is because it’s easier for drug addicts, most of them homeless, to score drugs on the street.

Sensible homelessness advocates have argued that homeless people need incentives to stay clean.

For example, addicts who exhibit good behavior and adhere to curfews, can get their own private apartments.

But radical activists do not even want those modest conditions in place.

They believe that homeless people should get free housing, no matter what.

The predictable outcome is that overdose deaths in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) have increased.

The Left are radical materialists; they believe that simply giving people stuff will fix all of their underlying problems.

But that clearly is not the case.

Simply giving a homeless drug addict housing without any supervision or incentives is a recipe for disaster.

Meanwhile, the Homelessness Industrial Complex flourishes.

San Francisco spends $500 million per year on homelessness—with executives making hefty six-figure salaries—which calculates to $60,000 per homeless person in the city.

The city is spending money to increase homelessness and overdose deaths.

If San Francisco’s overdose deaths were classified as murders, San Francisco would be the second deadliest city in the country behind Chicago.

Instead of grappling with these issues, the Left believe that San Francisco simply is not far-left enough.

After Boudin’s ouster, New York Magazine wrote, “Modern San Francisco, unlike New York, does not rest on the legacy of a social-democratic state forged with New Deal largesse. There are no Fiorello La Guardias or Robert Wagners lurking in the city’s history. From 1912 to 1963, only Republicans governed San Francisco, and they were largely backers of big business who could occasionally draw support from organized labor.”

So San Francisco needs to become even more radical to solve these problems?

When Gavin Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco, he vowed to solve homelessness.

He failed, and his successors are carrying on his legacy of failure.

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Historians in New York City are scratching their heads after this radical move took effect


Leftists are actively trying to revise history across the world through the lenses of their radical “woke” agenda. 

Museums, memorials, and monuments are being torn down or revised to appease the “woke” mob as a result.

And historians in New York City are awestruck as this radical move takes effect. 

The “woke” mob has prioritized revising history any way possible

In recent years, particularly following the death of George Floyd in 2020, radical Leftists have taken it upon themselves to dismantle American institutions.

This especially applies to institutions of historical importance, including museums and other historical exhibits.

For example, New York’s American Museum of Natural History closed two exhibits on Saturday, claiming that the exhibits are “severely outdated.”

Sean Decatur, the museum’s president, sent a letter to staff last Friday regarding these closures, claiming, “The halls we are closing are vestiges of an era when museums such as ours did not respect the values, perspectives, and indeed shared humanity of Indigenous peoples.  Actions that may feel sudden to some may seem long overdue to others.”

Other museums across the nation have followed suit, with CBS News reporting that, “Earlier this month, Chicago’s Field Museum covered several displays containing Native American items. Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology has said it would remove all Native American funerary items from its exhibits. The Cleveland Museum of Art is another institution that has taken similar steps.”

Shannon O’Loughlin, head of the Association on American Indian Affairs, has led the charge on this fight to remove these sorts of objects from museums, telling CBS News that, “Covering displays or taking things down isn’t the goal.  It’s about repatriation — returning objects back to tribes. So this is just one part of a much bigger process.”

She added, “The only exception to repatriation is if a museum or institution can prove they received consent at the time the item was taken.  But most institutions can’t do that, of course, because these items and bodies were usually taken through violence, theft, and looting.”

Other museums across the world have come under fire for displaying objects that the radical Left claims are stolen.

Many historians argue that these objects belong in these sorts of museums because it preserves these important parts of history, allowing the most amount of people possible to observe and respect them.

Radical leftists will not rest until every museum is torn down and rebuilt in their image

Much like the cultural revolutions that took place in China during the communist revolution, leftists in America want to dismantle American history and western culture.

These disgraceful acts in New York and elsewhere deprive millions of curious museum-goers from learning about America’s past, just so a handful of radical leftists can feel better about themselves, without doing anything to improve the lives of American Indians.

Before too long, America’s historical institutions will become a hallow shell of their former glory.

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