Joe Biden was furious when this border state Democrat called him out with these five words

The southern border of the United States has turned into an unmitigated disaster.

Lack of border security has enticed two million illegal aliens to cross illegally into the United States since the President’s inauguration.

But Joe Biden was furious when this border state Democrat called him out with these five words.

The Rio Grande Valley is in the 28th Congressional district of the state of Texas.

The district has historically leaned Democrat politically but in recent years has been trending more Republican, and analysts attribute this to Democrat-caused chaos at the border.

Congressman Henry Cueller (D) is the district’s representative – and he has had enough.

And he’s calling out Biden for the dumpster fire of public opinion polls that foretell impending doom for the blue team.

Cueller’s beef is that he believes Title 42 should remain in place until the public health emergency from the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted – at the earliest.

Title 42 is an order enacted under the Trump administration, which allowed authorities to expel illegal aliens at US land borders to prevent the spread of COVID.

The Biden administration is pushing to lift Title 42, but so far has been blocked by the courts.

Officials forecast that if Biden gets his way, up to 18,000 additional illegal aliens could attempt to cross the border daily, further exacerbating a huge problem that already exists because of Democrats’ de facto open borders policies.

Cueller said in an interview on Fox News Sunday, “We told them [lifting Title 42 would be a mistake] but they said that they’re going to continue with lifting the title. But the thing is, yes, they’re listening to the immigration activists. But my question is, who’s listening to the men and women in green and in blue? And more importantly, who’s listening to the border communities, the sheriffs, the landowners, the rest of the people that live on the border? They’re very concerned because they’re on the front line and they’re the ones that, I think, we need to listen to. We need to listen to the border communities.”

But Cueller’s real sense of urgency may well be (surprise!) more grounded in self-preservation.

The Squad and their ilk may have the luxury of spouting off with the “no human being is illegal” rhetoric in their 90% Democrat enclaves, but Cueller knows that isn’t going to fly in his rapidly reddening Congressional district.

Cueller continued, “This is not good for Democrats in November. You know, in talking with some of my Republican colleagues, they’re saying ‘We can’t believe the White House is giving us this narrative. We can’t believe that they’re hurting Democrat candidates for the November election. And you know this, you look at the polls. The Republican voters are not happy by what’s happening at the border. The Democratic voters are not happy. And if you look at the independent voters, they’re not happy about this decision. So who are we trying to please?”

He’s onto something.

If Biden were deliberately trying to sabotage his party’s chances in the midterms would he also be doubling down on strident idiocy on the border?

The radicals may get a more purely far-left caucus in the new Congress, but if it comes at the price of jettisoning members like Cueller they will have far fewer overall members.

And for Republicans, Independents, sane Democrats and everyday Americans living on a border where hospitals are being overrun, property is being damaged and civil society is breaking down, that could only be welcome news.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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