Joe Biden lost it over what one far-Left commentator said about Gavin Newsom’s looming plans

Democrats are happy with Joe Biden but they’re still being dragged to the radical fringes.

Now Democrats are starting to think twice about the future of their party.

But Joe Biden lost it over what one far-Left commentator said about Gavin Newsom’s looming plans.

The Democrat Party is being led by hard-left revolutionaries.

That’s why so many of their policies make zero sense.

The Left’s “green” revolution has run head-first into reality, but they continue to march forward.

Joe Biden and his radical administration are ushering in new EPA fuel standards that are going to crush industry.

But some leftists are beginning to take notice.

Even radical leftist media figures are fed up with cost and red-tape of Democrats’ green agenda

Ana Kasparian of the far-Left news media network The Young Turks is fed up with the energy policies of California.

The fiery commentator was furious that her building was going into debt to pay for electric vehicle charging stations.

Kasparian began, “They just ban the sale of any new gas-powered cars or gas stoves…And so the technology that you have at your home, the gas stove that you have at your home, if it breaks, not only are you not able to buy a new one, but it gets increasingly more difficult, you get what I’m saying?”

Co-host and TYT founder Cenk Uygur replied, “I get it, but that’s the normal bumps in the road as you transition to things.”

Kasparian fired back, “I know, but Cenk, don’t minimize the financial burdens associated with these things, okay? Because I am literally freaking the f*ck out about the charging station thing…We’re gonna take out a massive f*cking loan to pay for it! We’re not getting any help from the f*cking government on that!”

Uygur asked, “Did you, did you guys ask—is there any tax credits? … But seriously, you say there’s no government help at all, to transition you guys?”

Kasparian bristled, “Cenk. I don’t give a f*ck about tax credits! … I want to do something in response to climate change. That is not my issue here. My issue is how, like, we’re forced to make all these changes that are a financial burden, a giant inconvenience, with little to no help…And the solution from the government in terms of, ‘no, no, you get financial benefits’ for doing this, is f*cking tax credits! … No, I don’t want the tax credits! Give me the money! Give, you give me the money, okay! … Don’t tell me this bullsh*t about how I have to buy some new f*cking thing because the government’s forcing me to do it, and then like, after I file my taxes, there’s a certain portion of that purchase that might be tax deductible…Like, f*ck off! I’m so sick of it! It’s just like endless pressure, pressure, pressure! I can’t take it!”

Slow-clap for Ana Kasparian, a “progressive” who’s being mugged by reality.

She also added that “the middle class is the most f*cked group of people in this country!”

That’s why many of them are fleeing California.

If Biden and Newsom get their way, California policies will be inflicted on the whole country.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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