Ilhan Omar was speechless after undercover video depicted jaw-dropping corruption in a Minnesota trans case

College campuses have gone completely crazy in the last few years.

From the administration on down to the undergraduate level, radical ideology has taken hold.

And Ilhan Omar was speechless after this undercover video depicted jaw-dropping corruption in a Minnesota trans case.

It wasn’t something you’d expect to hear from at a Catholic college until very recently.

But with this kind of corruption, radicals like Ilhan Omar don’t know whether to celebrate an ugly scandal for Minnesota Catholics or be mad that they got exposed.

New video released by a citizen journalist shows the Housing Director at the University of St. Thomas in Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s state promising preferential treatment for a fake transgender student invented for the purposes of the media sting.

In the video, director Zoe Chang is shown offering primo treatment for a transgender student, including such “greatest hits” as sharing a room or floor with biologically female students, obtaining first place on a list for their own room, due to their supposed gender dysphoria and, the real kicker, refusing to tell other students about the transgender student that would be placed with them.

Housing Director: We didn’t tell students and parents because we knew they wouldn’t like it

When asked by the journalist why the other students wouldn’t be told about the transgender “surprise,” Chang said, “I think here at St. Thomas there would be a mix of a response.  I think their parents would [be upset]. I think part of that would be weird if we were like, ‘Hey. Look. This is what’s going on here!’ And so I think that’s partially what would be an uproar, like why are you letting this happen?”

The video was released from James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas fame, through his new network called “OMG News.”

A citizen Journalist was rewarded $1000 for the recording obtained about a Catholic University allowing a “trans girl” to room in a girl’s dorm without other students’ knowledge.

The trans craziness is spreading

This is just the latest incident where trans insanity has been invoked on unsuspecting teens on the sly by administrators.

Just last month, an incident in Wisconsin came to light where high school girls were allegedly exposed to the male genitalia of an 18-year-old student who identifies as “trans” as they showered at their school.

At the time of the incident parents were kept in the dark.

News of the incident led to widespread condemnation by parents’ rights groups.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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