Gisele and John Fetterman’s biggest fans just met the cost of supporting far-Left policies

Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman (D) will assume office because of a groundswell of support from younger voters.

His wife Gisele has been floated as a possible replacement for John in that position as there are serious questions about his ability to do the job, and Gisele is about as close to a personification of a far-Left muppet master as you can get.

But Gisele and John Fetterman’s biggest fans just met the cost of supporting far-Left policies.

Philadelphia has had a policy of a curfew for residents under 17 years old since the summer.

Youngsters have been banned from being outside their homes after 10 PM, and it’s all because criminal activity in the City of Brotherly Love has been completely out of control.

Now the city is attempting to make the move permanent.

Philadelphia City Council approves permanent 10 p.m. curfew as crime rises

Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson is a mother and has proposed this legislation.

Richardson feels that young people all too often fall victim to the city’s violence and says, “There are too many young people who have been involved in crime or criminal incidents simply because they have been out late at night.”

City Council passed a bill requiring anyone 17 years old and younger to be home by 10 P.M. late last week.

Gilmore Richardson continued, saying, “When a kid gets picked up for violating curfew the first step is to try to reunify them with their family. If that’s unable to happen, then we’ll take them to a community resource evening center if they are close. If not, they go to the police district.”

But this attempt to “do something” may be all for naught.

According to Hot Air, “The curfew was put in place because more crime is committed under the cover of darkness. The curfew itself should be seen as a tacit admission that Philadelphia is simply too dangerous, and the government is unable to keep its residents safe. Moving to make the curfew permanent is essentially another admission that they can’t (or won’t) do anything about it and things won’t be getting better any time soon. But it’s also worth noting that the curfew hasn’t done much to put a dent in the crime rates and extending it likely won’t have any significant positive effect either. That’s because curfews are much the same as gun control laws and ‘gun-free zones.’ The only people who pay any attention to them are law-abiding residents. The gang bangers and other criminals aren’t going to change their plans for the evening just because they might be given a ticket for violating the curfew.”

A good part of the blame could rightfully be placed on Philadelphia’s George Soros-backed District Attorney, Larry Krasner, because he habitually fails to prosecute most serious crimes, even when arrests are made.

According to, the percentage of criminal cases withdrawn or dismissed by the Philly D.A.’s office has gone from 28% in 2014 under former D.A. Seth Williams all the way up to 67% last year under D.A. Krasner.

Retired Philadelphia warrant unit sergeant Mark Fusetti thinks the curfew is counter-productive because added scrutiny in recent years puts even more risk on the shoulders of cops.

Fusetti says, “We can’t just stop anyone for any reason anymore. How are we going to determine a 15-year-old and a 20-year-old, or a 20-year-old who looks 15? Officers are going to hesitate because this is another chance for them to get in trouble.”

The bottom line is that the mess in Philadelphia can squarely be placed on the policies favored by the far-Left.

Here’s to hoping that the loss of freedom for the legions of high schooler Fetterman fans may give them something to think about when they become old enough to register to vote.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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