George Soros saw one disturbing report that guaranteed he’ll double down

George Soros ensured Democrats got what they wanted.

Now some Democrats are beginning to second guess their deal with Soros. 

But he just saw one disturbing report that guaranteed he’ll double down.

Leftists turned America’s cities and urban centers into no-go zones by design

The Democrat Party and deep-pocketed, far-Left financier George Soros are dragging this country off a cliff.

They made deals over pro-crime laws, policies and prosecutors.

As a direct result of the “criminal justice reforms” aka pro-crime policies enacted in many communities during the George Floyd riots, America has seen a crime surge like no other. 

Criminals feel more emboldened than ever to commit crimes because they know that they will not be held accountable for doing so. 

Now, they’re seeing the fruits as those “reforms” have wreaked havoc.

And jaw-dropping numbers out of one blue state community will have you seeing red.

Following the destructive and depraved riots of 2020, most cities and urban centers completely upended their criminal justice systems to favor a pro-crime response. 

Unsurprisingly, most communities (not just major cities) across the nation have seen major surges in crime. 

One such community is Yolo County, which is located just west of California’s capital city Sacramento. 

This county, which has become a suburb of Sacramento over the years, has seen a surge in crime over the last couple of years like many other communities in California. 

Undoubtedly the kiss of death for Yolo County has been California’s trademark zero cash bail system. 

This system, which California implemented in April, 2020 as a response to COVID, “set bail at $0 for most misdemeanor and lower-level felony charges. The emergency order was lifted in June 2020, though individual counties were permitted to make their own decisions on whether to keep $0 bail in place.” according to the Sacramento Bee.

So as you can see, California lifted the emergency order in June of 2020, but in response to the riots going on, many counties and cities decided to keep this pro-crime policy in place. 

Yolo County was among the many counties in California that kept this policy in place, and as a result, according to the Sacramento Bee, “Out of 595 people [in Yolo County] who were released on $0 bail during that period [until June 2021], 420 were re-arrested, with 123 of them arrested for violent crimes, with charges ranging from murder and attempted murder to kidnapping, robbery, carjacking and domestic violence.” 

That means that 70% of those arrested with the no cash bail policy in place were rearrested.  That is straight up appalling. 

Communities like Yolo may never fully recover from these horrible policies

No cash bail policies, like the one implemented in Yolo, are a recipe for disaster. 

Criminals need to be held accountable for destroying their communities, and no cash bail systems teach hoodlums absolutely nothing. 

The sad thing is, unless the people of California stand up to the Democrats destroying their state, then nothing will change. 

But at this point, Democrats have become so entrenched in the state that it is virtually impossible to imagine California without Democrat control. 

At this rate, crime will only continue to surge in Yolo County and other Californian communities. 

No wonder so many people are fleeing from California every year. 

If California does not get a hold of their crime problem, then they will become a rusted-out hellhole, more so than they already are.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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