Furious parents who kicked out “woke” San Francisco school board members face their biggest challenge yet

Even true-blue San Francisco can’t handle the absolute stupidity of “woke” culture.

Furious parents in the Golden Gate City managed to kick out awful school board members recently.

But now the recall committee faces its biggest challenge yet.

While students in San Francisco were falling behind academically – and dealing with serious mental health implications due to the city’s botched handling of the COVID-19 pandemic – school board members were distracting themselves with beyond pointless “woke” causes.

One father decided to get involved in local government after his son had a complete meltdown over having to attend “Zoom school.”

“That day I went to my first school board meeting to learn about the reopening plans,” David Thompson wrote in the Bay Area Reporter. “Instead, I heard them debating whether to rename Abraham Lincoln High School, while having no plan to reopen his school.”

The problems in San Francisco mirrors what was happening across the nation when school board meetings suddenly became the hottest game in politics.

Democrats tried to blame the backlash on “right wing extremists,” but the reality is parents across the political spectrum are furious their kids have been put last in a society that’s allowed leftist radicals to take the reins.

“The recall was urgent to me because my daughter spent half of kindergarten and all of first grade out of the classroom learning via Zoom,” San Francisco mom Cindy Wang said. “While I watched my daughter become despondent and lose interest in learning, to my chagrin I saw no urgency or planning from the school board to reopen. Instead, I observed the opposite: they declined to hire a consultant to develop the reopening plan, failed to address a $125 million budget deficit, misguidedly prioritized school renaming and Lowell admissions while classrooms remained shut, and doubled down on anti-Asian tweets.”

Even people who don’t have kids came out to support the effort to fight back against a school board that had zero effort in even listening to the very real concerns of parents.

Three school board members were recalled by an overwhelming margin with 69% to 76% of voters opting to send them packing.

Now parents who organized the recall face their biggest challenge yet: making sure the new candidates are an improvement on the bums who were kicked out.

“Sometimes you get a case where someone gets put into a situation just because they’re well-connected,” recall co-organizer Autumn Looijen said. “And we’ve got so many things on fire in the school district that we wanted to make sure to put people into place who were also going to do a good job.”

The Mayor gets to make the appointment, but the committee in charge of the historic effort is combing through possible candidates.

“The real failure we saw over the last year is a failure of the social contract that exists between the elected representative and the people they were elected to serve which is, when you’re elected to a position, you have to put the interests of the people first,” co-founder Siva Raj said. “This recall was really a wake-up call, I would hope, to every elected leader in the city, saying, ‘hey, don’t forget that your first and only job is to serve the people you were elected to serve.’ That’s it, nothing else should matter.”

The fact that one of the bluest parts of the nation is seeing a massive course correction away from crazy “woke” policies should serve as a major wake-up call to Democrats.

While there’s been a big effort in the media to downplay the importance of the recall, it remains a historic milestone in the city – the last time an elected official in the city was recalled was in 1914.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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