Eric Adams crossed a line with a criminally absurd claim over Upper East Side stroller mom’s murder

Democrats politicians are obsessed with shifting blame for their own failures and distracting citizens with shiny new do-nothing programs.

Some like NYC Mayor Eric Adams actually expect to be rewarded for obviously and nakedly lying to people.

But he crossed a line with a criminally absurd claim over the Upper East Side stroller mom’s murder.

Democrat politicians like to keep their politicians focused on the tools used to commit a crime rather than the heinous act itself or the root causes. 

So they’re frantic to capitalize on every tragedy by pivoting to their gun-grabbing agenda. 

That’s how New York City Mayor Eric Adams is rushing to capitalize on the death of a young woman killed while taking her baby for a stroll. 

A 20-year-old mother was strolling with her three-month-old baby in a stroller in one of the wealthiest communities in the nation when she was confronted by a masked man and brutally murdered. 

What happened next is a sorry sign of our times. 

Adams sped to the scene in an obvious effort to make political hay out of a family’s very personal tragedy. 

For Adam’s the timing was perfect as highlighting a heart-wrenching death helped increase awareness about the launch of his pet program. 

As New York Daily News reported “Mayor Adams launched what he characterized as the country’s ‘first ever’ forensic DNA gun crime unit on Thursday as the city remains on edge over a spate of senseless shootings, including this week’s cold-blooded killing of a young mother strolling her baby on a Manhattan sidewalk.”

The unit Adams is launching will be manned by 24 full-time criminologists equipped to process DNA evidence. 

“We are saying to those committing gun crimes: Science is coming for you,” Adams said, “and we’re going to use this science to get you off our streets.”

The idea that getting guns off the street will cure NYC’s crime problem is beyond laughable. 

New York City’s Office of the City Medical Examiner (OCME) already has about 150 scientists on staff processing forensic evidence. 

The city which has been run by Democrats for decades is such a mess it currently takes an average of 60 days for scientists to process evidence for criminal cases in the city. 

But somehow, Adams is convinced dropping $2.4 million into giving crimes where a gun was used special treatment will solve all the city’s problems. 

Chances are it will merely encourage criminals to use other more torturous means if they want to keep detectives from being hot on their tail. 

Unfortunately, the program is sure to play well with the Upper East Side set that’s full liberal Karens.

Then again with such a horrific murder in their own neighborhood, maybe they’ll start to think about the lies their politicians are telling them for once.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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