Elon Musk just ripped one idiotic California proposal that even has Californians up in arms

California is rapidly moving to the far Left.

Other blue states often mimic the Golden State, so zany California politics affect everyone in the long run.

And Elon Musk just ripped one idiotic California proposal that even has Californians up in arms.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become an enemy of the Left despite his contribution to the electric car industry.

The Left purportedly loves energy alternatives to fossil fuels – even though massive fossil fuel expenditures are needed to produce that alternative energy – but they have grown to hate Musk.

Unlike other Big Tech CEOs, Musk has shown a willingness to call out the Democrat establishment.

And he did it again when he ripped California’s new solar tax.

The state is proposing a “grid participation charge” that would increase energy bills for people who have solar panels.

Tesla Energy, which sells and installs solar panels, ripped the move by the California government.

Tesla Energy wrote:

“Bowing to pressure from the California utilities, the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) is proposing new net metering rules (NEM 3.0) that includes a ‘grid access’ fee of $8/kW of installed solar per month – in addition to other fees – that could add between $50-$80/month to the electric bill of a home solar customer. If adopted, this would be the highest solar fee anywhere in the country, including states hostile to renewable energy. In addition, the proposal would reduce the value of bill credits for solar energy sent to the grid by about 80 percent.”

So here is “green” California disincentivizing solar energy by making the technology more expensive.

Musk and others immediately called out the hypocrisy.

This is one of the reasons why Musk moved Tesla from California to Texas.

Democrats in California enjoy a supermajority in the state legislature, so no bad progressive idea is off the table.

California is flirting with universal healthcare, so the government has to soak taxpayers any which way it can.


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