Democrats are ignoring one huge reality about their insane climate change agenda

The Left is creating existential panic over climate change.

They are practically telling everyone that the planet will explode if they’re not put in charge of the economy.

But Democrats are ignoring one huge reality about their insane climate change agenda.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, many radical leftists seamlessly moved into the environmentalist movement in order to fear-monger about the planet in an attempt to seize control of the economy.

At the time, they were called watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside.

For the past 30 years, the watermelons have effectively been mainstreamed within the Democrat Party.

Leftist politicians constantly talk about “decarbonizing” the economy, but in reality, their climate change schemes do not work.

Right-leaning libertarian attorney Francis Menton broke down the Left’s false gambit on his blog:

“With tens of trillions of dollars at stake in the world economy, let alone the majority of humanity at risk of energy poverty, you would think that we would be far down the road toward detailed engineering studies of what the decarbonized energy world will look like and exactly how much it will cost. But it is exactly the opposite. Everywhere — or at least everywhere in the Western countries — government functionaries with degrees in English or Political Science (or maybe Gender Studies) issue edicts that carbon emissions will be reduced ‘50% by 2030’ or ‘90% by 2050,’ without any knowledge or understanding of how that may be accomplished.”

William Nordhaus, who won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2018 for his work on climate impact, said that climate change will cost roughly 1% of GDP throughout the century, which is easily mitigated by economic growth.

But the climate hysterics on the Left pretend as if his analysis doesn’t exist.

The ambiguity is the point – they want to use emotional blackmail to gain power, and the numbers will be worked out later.

Menton continued:

“So, as the costs of attempting to ‘transition’ away from fossil fuels start to hit home, will anybody actually go through with the project? I think that the chance of that is about zero. China and India show how it works. To judge by their actions (rather than their words), they have long since figured out that solar and wind energy can’t succeed in running a modern economy, so they mouth empty platitudes to placate the Western zealots, make unenforceable promises that only come due after everyone is dead, and forge ahead with massive development of coal power. And even more telling are recent developments in Western jurisdictions. When the first hint arrives that fossil fuel restrictions are going to impose cost increases large enough for meaningful numbers of voters to notice, even the bluest of blue U.S. states take about three minutes to abandon their ‘decarbonization’ promises.”

China and India are developing countries who are not going to throw millions within their populations back into poverty because of climate propaganda.

If all of these globalist elites were actually forced to stop flying private jets, they would change their tune in a heartbeat.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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