CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone residents are livid after they heard what Seattle politicians are planning

The Seattle city government is a disaster.

They’re so inept they let street thugs and Antifa lay claim to and actually control their own territory beginning in the summer of 2020.

And CHAZ/CHOP takeover zone residents are livid after they heard what Seattle politicians are planning.

There is one thing that Democrat politicians simply cannot resist, and that is raising taxes. 

More taxpayer dollars to spread around to their cronies – this always seems to be the ultimate, and flat-out stupid solution for every financial problem the Left gets themselves in.

Raising taxes represents the Left’s flawed ideology perfectly.  

Rather than do the responsible thing and cut reckless spending, leftists would rather pass the buck and just take more from taxpayers. 

That’s always a stupid game, even more so in a time when the United States economy is in freefall and consumers are facing record-high prices. 

But when it comes to playing stupid games, no one beats Democrat-controlled city governments.

And the city government in Seattle, Washington is the reigning champion. 

The lawless lefties who let street thugs and Antifa officially annex a whole Seattle neighborhood — the infamous CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone — in the summer of 2020, are now repaying that criminal incompetence by doubling the city’s parks levy. 

The Seattle Times recently reported that the Parks District in Seattle is planning on doubling its parks levy in its newly unveiled 6 year budget. 

According to the District, this drastic increase in funds is intended to supplement up to $30 million in the city’s general fund. 

The news surely has property owners who are likely still trying to recover from the destruction city leaders wrought when they let thugs takeover the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in the what was known as the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), then so-called “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” (CHOP).

This drastic increase in fees and taxes from the city of Seattle proves a couple of things. 

First, it shows that the city is strapped for cash which is less than surprising. 

Seattle spends millions of dollars on ridiculous and useless projects such as LGBT awareness programs and programs that give clean crack pipes to bums. 

The other thing this tax increase proves is that the Socialists running the city of Seattle do not give a damn about their residents. 

There could not be a worse time to raise taxes than now, and an effort to double this particular tax is downright outrageous.

The misleadingly named “parks levy”  is actually the property tax, one City Councilman “concerned” with the amount told The Seattle Times.

“We can see the significant impact here. It’s basically doubling this property tax on not only homeowners but also renters because, as we established early, landlords can pass these costs on to renters,” Pedersen stated.

Pedersen also noted it would be on top of  other existing local levies on affordable housing, education and transportation saying “proposal would be doubling the property tax and then we’ve got other important levies that are coming up.”

With the American economy in freefall, consumers are strapped for cash. 

This is especially true given that gas in Washington State is nearly $7 a gallon, and grocery prices are also through the roof. 

What Seattle needs to do is cut taxes and fees, and use its current revenue to make the city a better place to live. 

That means putting a stop to all of the sprawling homeless camps, stopping the out-of-control crime sprees, and cleaning all of the dirty heroin needles up from the streets. 

Seattle is a city in decline, and the worst has yet to come if the “geniuses” running it are hell-bent on doubling property taxes. 

Now more than ever, Seattle residents need to stand up and say that enough is enough. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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