Blue states say they have the perfect reaction to SCOTUS gun control smackdown

Democrats hate the Second Amendment.

And they’re more determined than ever to take away your guns despite the Supreme Court’s new ruling.

Now, blue states say they have the perfect reaction to SCOTUS gun control smackdown.

The Supreme Court smacked down one state’s ridiculous gun control law last week.

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s restrictive gun licensure laws.

Specifically, the Court struck down New York’s law that state residents must show “proper cause” as to why they should be able to carry a gun outside the home.

Libertarian journalist and author John Stossel once reported on the process of trying to get a concealed carry license in the state, and he said it was nearly impossible and gave up on trying to obtain one.

The Supreme Court rightly determined that such a restriction was an infringement on Second Amendment rights, which sent Governor Kathy Hochul into a furor.

Hochul said, “We’re not powerless in this situation. We’re not going to cede our rights that easily, despite the best efforts of the politicized Supreme Court of the United States of America…No longer can we strike the balance…Shocking. Absolutely shocking that they have taken away our right to have reasonable restrictions. We can have restrictions on speech. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. But somehow there’s no restrictions allowed on the Second Amendment. This is New York, we don’t back down. We fight back.”

This is Orwellian manipulation of language for which leftists are famous.

In Hochul’s mind, the Supreme Court is taking away rights by protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

She also trotted out the cringeworthy talking point of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, which is not even true.

Hochul also promised legislative action to get around the Supreme Court’s ruling, which is mind-blowing.

The governor said, “I’m prepared to call the legislature back into session to deal with this. We’ve been in contact with the leadership. We’re just looking at dates. Everyone wants a little bit of time to digest this, but I will say we are not powerless in this situation. We’re not going to cede our rights that easily. Despite the best efforts of the politicized Supreme Court of the United States of America, we have the power of the pen.”

The Court is only politicized when Democrats do not get their way.

They hate when Americans claw back liberty away from the state.

Justice Samuel Alito shredded the three liberals on the court who invoked the horror of mass shootings to advocate for New York’s gun laws.

Alito wrote, “[H]ow does the dissent account for the fact that one of the mass shootings near the top of its list took place in Buffalo? The New York law at issue in this case obviously did not stop that perpetrator.”

Democrats’ policies only make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

They can never explain why they think criminals will obey the law.

Or why they feel the need to have so many armed guards around themselves but want citizens to be completely disarmed.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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