An unhinged BLM activist just did something that would get any normal person locked up

The difference between how Black Lives Matter rioters and Conservative members of the Supreme Court get treated is beyond words. 

Now a Black Lives Matter activist who “required” a $40,000 guard dog is back in the spotlight. 

And the stunt he just pulled would get any normal person locked up.

After news leaked that conservative members of the Supreme Court were poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, protestors flocked to demonstrate in front of the private residences of justices.

A would-be assassin, armed to the teeth, was even caught near Brett Kavanaugh’s home. 

Yet, Nancy Pelosi and friends refused to believe the justices needed beefed up security. 

But when the shoe is on the other foot, the story is dramatically different. 

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King came completely unglued after he claims New York Post reporters violated his privacy. 

“I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work,” King wrote in Instagram posts directed at reporters Kevin Sheehan and Isabel Vincent. “And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

“You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids,” King wrote in the posts along with posting headshots of Sheehan and Vincent. “I’m going to at least make it uncomfortable for you. You aren’t going to post about my personal life without consequence.”

“You motherf***ers that won’t leave me and my wife and kids alone … I’m about to return this pain back to you,” he added in yet another post.

Additionally, he posted a 10-minute video claiming he’s “finished with the high road, at least for now.”

Vincent wrote an article about the Kings’ lavish lakefront home in New Jersey which was published on July 31. 

A few days later Golding co-authored an article about a $40,000 guard dog paid for by funds from King’s Grassroots Law PAC. 

Now King has come completely unglued over having pictures of his home published—even though the information is public record. 

His audacity is truly stunning considering that “doxxing” is one of King’s best-known stunts. 

He’s known for revealing people’s personal information while accusing them of crimes they never committed. 

One the most tragic outcomes was when Robert Cantrell, a Houston man, committed suicide. 

Cantrell committed suicide after King accused him of murdering seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes. 

In 2018 King also falsely accused a Texas state trooper of raping a black woman during a traffic stop—another accusation that was later proven false. 

It’s ironic he can somehow justify—if only in his own head—indignant rage at reporters who shared nothing but true public records, while he’s built a career on telling lies for political gain. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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