A top Democrat is under federal investigation. But what she decided to do next left jaws on the floor

Let’s face it, corruption and liberalism go hand in hand.

The more power the government has, the more power they can abuse. It’s that simple.

And this one far-left elected official is in hot water with the feds. But what she decided to do next left jaws on the floor.

When it comes to politicians they care about just two things.

Power and money.

And across the nation, various elected officials on the local, state, and federal levels are being investigated like we have not seen in years for corruption.

More often than not, these corrupt politicians represent the far-left and can be found in major cities.

In fact, our nation’s major cities are so corrupt that most elected officials are lucky to serve more than one term.

This is especially true in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore, like many east coast cities, has been controlled by union bosses and mob bosses for decades.

Corruption and city politics go hand in hand, and the people who suffer the most from this corruption are the people they claim to represent.

And as it stands, Baltimore is as corrupt as ever.

At the forefront of this corruption is Marilyn Mosby, who is serving the city of Baltimore as a City Attorney, which is an elected position in Baltimore.

If this name rings a bell, that is because you may remember her as the prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case, which started nationwide riots years ago.

Well let’s just say, things have gone downhill ever since that major court case.

That is because Mosby is facing four federal corruption charges.


More specifically, she is facing two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements on a loan application.

But rather than laying low and fighting these charges in court, Mosby is making a bold political move.

She announced she is running for reelection, in spite of these federal investigations.

It’s almost as if she is addicted to being a government official.

What a complete and total scumbag.

People like Mosby, who profit off of poverty and mismanagement are the absolute worst type of people imaginable.

The city of Baltimore, which is riddled with poverty and crime, deserves so much better.

If Mosby is found guilty of these crimes, it is unclear how much jail time she will serve, if any.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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