A Soros-backed prosecutor is causing unnecessary mayhem in one city

Democrat-controlled cities are being run into the ground.

Too few Democrat politicians and voters are willing to admit their progressive policies are not working.

And a Soros-backed prosecutor is causing unnecessary mayhem in one city.

Globalist billionaire George Soros embarked on a mission to get far-left prosecutors installed in cities around the country.

His plan worked, and now residents in those cities are suffering the consequences.

In 2020, violent crime increased by 30%, the largest one-year jump in history.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, one of Soros’s most radical projects, has been hell-bent on decarceration no matter what.

Boudin’s office finally released statistics, and the results are troubling.

San Francisco’s conviction rate has decreased significantly in favor of diversion programs, whose efficacy has long been debated.

As a result, the city’s jail population has dropped by 600, and as moderate liberal tech entrepreneur Michelle Tandler explained, that means roughly 100 violent criminals are back on the streets.

Violent crime has increased in the city, which is why Boudin is facing a recall effort, so Tandler’s theory of more repeat criminals on the street is likely true.

Both Boudin’s biological parents and adoptive parents were Weather Underground terrorists, so he is a militant leftist to his core.

The fact that he has San Francisco liberals calling for his head shows that he is a wild-eyed radical.

During an interview with The New York Times, Boudin hilariously tried to slough off the criticism by blaming a tiny contingent of Republicans in the city.

Boudin explained that the city is “not dealing with a grass-roots movement. We’re dealing with a small number of wealthy individuals, many of whom are national Republican major donors, who have financial interests in the real estate industry, in the gig economy and in using the police and the criminal-justice system to force aggressive displacement and gentrification so that their real estate investments can go up.”

When radical leftists are backed into a corner, they simply blame the Republicans and the capitalists for their problems.

But that shtick is wearing off.

People can see and feel what’s happening in San Francisco and other Democrat-run cities promoting pro-crime policies.

Last year, after a spate of thefts and robberies, even The San Francisco Chronicle pondered:

“[R]esidents and city leaders are searching for answers: Should they tolerate a high level of burglaries as a downside of city living, and focus on barricading their homes? Should people who are repeatedly accused of stealing be targeted with rehabilitation services, or incarcerated so they can’t commit more crimes?”

This is what surrender looks like.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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